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Many of GradGuard’s insurance and benefit programs can be embedded within existing products or services:

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As a source of relevant fee income

We work with many diverse financial service firms including:

  • Student Loan Companies and Private Lenders

  • Tuition Payment Companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Banks / Student Checking Programs

  • Investment Firms & 529 Plan Administrators

Tuition Refund Insurance
Tuition Payment Protection
Renters Insurance

Tuition Refund Insurance

Medical withdrawals can derail a student's education, cost schools vital income, and create otherwise avoidable collections problems. In addition, administering an objective refund policy for medical withdrawals can be a burden for many school business offices because families are often unaware of the school's refund policy. In a 2013 study, 63% of college parents surveyed had no idea how their school would handle a refund due to a medical withdrawal and only 30% of parents recalled being told about the school's refund policy during enrollment.

Tuition Refund Insurance enables schools to provide transparency to their refund policy and helps eliminate much of the administrative burden of dealing with medical refund appeals. Tuition Refund Insurance covers up to 100% reimbursement of non-refunded school expenses, up to the policy limits, for covered medical withdrawals due to accident, sickness, mental health conditions, or the death of the student or tuition payer. Some limitations apply.

Tuition Refund Insurance, which is only available through our school sponsored programs, can be offered on an optional basis or included as part of student fees to drive higher levels of student protection.

Tuition Payment Protection

Tuition Payment Protection ensures continuous, uninterrupted tuition payments if death, disability or involuntary unemployment happens to a student's tuition payer.

Your school will receive tuition payments on time and uninterrupted if a qualifying event impacts a student on the tuition payment plan. Payments are made on your school's regular payment schedule, so your revenue stream is protected.

Your students will have peace of mind of knowing that they can complete their studies for the term. Students will also have the relief of knowing that their financial obligations to the school are taken care of. This is a valuable benefit during a difficult time.

Renters Insurance

GradGuard helps protect schools and students from financial losses for both their personal property and the unintended damage or injury caused to others.

GradGuard’s renters insurance offers a unique student endorsement specifically designed for college students. Personal liability protection is unique to our service and provides broader protection for students. A Student Monitor study confirmed the market need for renters insurance and reported that 47% of students reported that either they had or a friend they knew been a victim of the loss of personal property.

Personal Liability: Protects students financially for unintentional property damage to their residence or bodily injury for which they are legally liable. Up to $300,000 of coverage is available.

Personal Property: Covers many personal belongings such as electronics, computers, books, clothing, and more. Protection against fire, theft, vandalism.

Loss of Use: Pays, up to the policy limits, to have the student temporarily housed elsewhere if a student is displaced from their dorm, apartment, etc. due to an unforeseen event.

GradGuard’s renters insurance is practical solution for the approximately 4 million students that live on-campus who create personal property and liability risk for both residents and university housing.

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