Partner With Us

GradGuard™ is the leading destination for insurance and protection products for young adults and their families. For over three years, has offered both insurance and non-insurance products from top insurers and benefit providers, all with proven records of financial strength and excellent customer service.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind while identifying the best insurance and benefit alternatives for college students, recent graduates, young adults and their families.

GradGuard™ is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group, a licensed producer. At NGI, we partner with relevant companies and organizations that seek to offer insurance and benefit programs to young adults and their families. We are happy to work with organizations that share our commitment to education and interest in helping to mitigate the common risks facing this life-stage.

Who Do We Partner With?

GradGuard™ partners with many different companies and organizations including:

  • Brokers
  • Tuition payment companies
  • Financial Institutions
    • Banks
    • Community banks
    • Credit unions
    • Insurance companies
  • Campus marketers
  • Off campus housing companies
  • Travel companies
  • Study abroad
  • Content producers