Protect your stuff anywhere in the world, with GradGuard™ Renters Insurance

GradGuard offers the only renters insurance policy built with The Exclusive Student Endorsement and these great features:

  • Coverage for students on and off-campus
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Full Coverage for Electronics
  • Replacement cost for your belongings
  • Deductibles as low as $100

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How does Renters Insurance compare to Homeowners Insurance?

Renters Insurance
Deductible Low - $100 High - $500, $1,000 or more
Limitations for Students None Coverage may depend on student status (typically full-time) and may be limited to 10% of the personal property coverage.
On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Covers both May have restrictions for off-campus
Small Claims Filling a claim will not impact your premium In many cases your premium will increase

Features of Renters Insurance designed for college life:

  • Exclusive coverage built for students This policy has a unique student endorsement that provides additional protection for college life. That includes coverage for your electronics up to the policy limits, which complements the policy’s full replacement cost coverage.

  • Alternative to Homeowners Insurance Renters offers a lower deductible and premium than a typical Homeowners policy, and small claims (like a bicycle) won’t affect your parent’s premium for years to come.

  • Personal liability coverage You’ll get financial protection for unintentional damage to your residence or bodily injury to others within your residence premises for which you are found legally liable.

  • Worldwide coverage Whether you're in the library or on spring break, wherever your college life takes you, your stuff will be protected up to the policy limits.

  • Convenient monthly payment plan Coverage for your belongings and liability is made even more affordable in monthly payments automatically billed to your payment method on file.

  • Low deductible With GradGuard Renters Insurance you can choose a deductible as low as $100.

Our customers rave about our service:

"I was very pleased with the service I got from your agent. She replied to my email very quickly, and she responded to my question in a very clear, concise manner. I very much appreciate the excellent customer service."

"I feel more at ease knowing that my child's electronic devices are covered under insurance while living in a dorm."

"I really need to be able to replace my bike or laptop if they get stolen as I need them for school and it's not like my parents keep hundreds of dollars on hand at all times."