In case you can’t keep
the doctor away.

Life happens, and sometimes during its transitions you may find yourself without a health insurance plan. Ask yourself: can I afford to go uncovered? Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day, and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous. Short-Term Medical Insurance can provide you and your loved ones greater peace of mind by helping reduce medical expenses.

When might Short-Term Medical be the right choice?

Short-Term Medical Insurance may be best suited for times of transition, when you only need medical insurance coverage for a short period of time, like:

  • You are between jobs, and are no longer under an employer-sponsored plan
  • You are in a period of transition, such as just graduating from college
  • Your employer-sponsored plan hasn’t kicked in yet and you want to cover the lapse just in case
  • Health insurance plans like COBRA are too expensive, and you’ll be on another plan soon
  • You’re no longer eligible under your parent’s plan
  • You’re waiting on the approval of major medical coverage
  • You only need insurance for a short period of time

Get Covered

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