In case you can’t keep
the doctor away.

Life happens, and sometimes during its transitions you may find yourself without a health insurance plan. Ask yourself: can I afford to go uncovered? Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day, and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous. Short-Term Medical Insurance can provide you and your loved ones greater peace of mind by helping reduce medical expenses.

When might Short-Term Medical be the right choice?

Short-Term Medical Insurance may be best suited for times of transition, when you only need medical insurance coverage for a short period of time, like:

  • You are between jobs, and are no longer under an employer-sponsored plan
  • You are in a period of transition, such as just graduating from college
  • Your employer-sponsored plan hasn’t kicked in yet and you want to cover the lapse just in case
  • Health insurance plans like COBRA are too expensive, and you’ll be on another plan soon
  • You’re no longer eligible under your parent’s plan
  • You’re waiting on the approval of major medical coverage
  • You only need insurance for a short period of time

What’s covered by Short-Term Medical?

When you purchase Short-Term Medical, you’ll be provided the following coverage:

  • $50 co-pay when obtaining treatment at an Urgent Care Facility. Deductible is waived
  • Receive confirmation materials and ID cards instantly if you purchase online
  • 24/7 customer support via toll-free phone or online chat sessions
  • Deductible options ranging from $250-$7,500
  • Policy provides 10 day free look period
  • 6 months of coverage (some states allow longer durations up to 11 months per certificate)
  • Multiple payment options, you can pay for your plan up-front or on a monthly basis.
  • And more

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As low as $250 deductible.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Short-Term Medical Insurance?

Short-term medical insurance offers a solution to individuals in need of temporary medical coverage. This short-term medical insurance policy protects against unforeseen accidents and sicknesses, appropriate for individuals between jobs, students, new employees waiting for coverage to begin, or any eligible person who is temporarily without health insurance coverage. Coverage is available for periods of up to 6 or 11 months (varies by state).

How does Short-Term Medical Insurance differ from a standard health plan?

Short-Term Medical Insurance is a temporary plan that helps you protect yourself from the potentially high medical costs associated with an unexpected accident or sickness.

It covers:

• Inpatient and outpatient charges made by a hospital, including inpatient prescription drugs

• Charges incurred at an urgent care center after a $50 copay

• Charges made by a physician, surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and any other medical specialist to whom the physician has referred the case

• Charges made for dressings, sutures, casts or other supplies prescribed by the attending physician or specialist, but excluding nebulizers, oxygen tanks, diabetic supplies and all devices for repeat use at home

• Charges for diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonographic or laboratory services

• Charges for oxygen and other gases and anesthetics and their administration

• Charges made by a licensed extended care facility upon direct transfer from an acute care hospital

• Emergency local ambulance transport in connection with injury or sickness resulting in inpatient hospitalization

• Expenses related to complications of pregnancy

• Charges for physical therapy that is prescribed in advance by a physician in relation to a covered injury or sickness to a covered injury or sickness

What is co-insurance?

Co-insurance is the part of medical expenses you pay for after you pay the deductible. The remaining amount is covered by the policy. This policy gives you two options: 80/20, where underwriters pay 80% of eligible expenses (after deductible) and you pay 20% of the eligible expenses, or 50/50, where eligible expenses are equally split after your fulfillment of the deductible.

How soon can I start my coverage?

Your coverage can start tomorrow! If you submit your application and credit card payment today by Internet, fax or e-mail, coverage will begin tomorrow. Otherwise, your coverage will begin on the day following the date we receive your completed application and payment or on the date you requested on the application, whichever is later.

What if I need more time later? or What if I need coverage for the entire year?

Coverage periods of 6 or 11 months are available, depending on the state in which you will hold coverage. However, if you require more time, you may purchase a new policy as long as you have not held two previous policies in the same 12 month period! Coverage is not renewable; therefore, any subsequent policy will be treated as new and will be subject to the same preexisting condition provision and other limitations. Availability of re-purchase may vary in some states.

Not all coverage or products may be available in all jurisdictions. The description of coverage in these pages is for information purposes only. Actual coverage will vary based on local law requirements and the terms and conditions of the policy issued. The information described herein does not amend, or otherwise affect, the terms and conditions of any insurance policy issued by HCC. In the event that a policy is inconsistent with the information described herein, the language of the policy will take precedence.