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“I have been in business for a long time and good customer service makes a difference who you choose to do business with. Every interaction we had with your company resulted in a positive experience on a personal and professional level and we appreciate that.”

Maria S.

“Thanks very much for the call back just now; great customer service! Have a good week and I’ll be in touch late August to start a new policy.”

Julie N.

“I was so impressed with your customer service. I spoke with an agent who answered the phone on the first ring. He was fantastic. He is an exemplar incumbent, which is a fancy way of saying excellent employee in job analysis. He was so enthusiastic about his product and answered all of my questions. He was friendly and professional. You are right on track with your customer service... I can't wait to sign up.”

Janne B.

“I was very pleased with the service I got from your agent. She replied to my email very quickly, and she responded to my question in a very clear, concise manner. I very much appreciate the excellent customer service.”

Kellie G.

“Your agent was a pleasure to speak with and very knowledgeable!”

Joanne D.

“Thanks so much for getting back to me, even with a no. Too many times businesses just don't seem to care. I am impressed.”

Stephen W.

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... about our Renters Insurance

“It's my first time in college and I'm also the first one to attend college. Protecting my belongings is a big priority for me. Insuring myself with Renters Insurance gives me a peace of mind.”

“I feel more at ease knowing that my child's electronic devices are covered under insurance while living in a dorm.”

“I was robbed at my home and my mother's homeowners insurance saved us, so I felt that, for me, getting renters insurance was a must.”

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... about our Tuition Refund Insurance

“College is a large investment, and insurance against a potentially large loss makes sense to me.”

“The tuition is too expensive not to be insured. Particularly when a loan is taken out, which was the case this time.”

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