About GradGuard

GradGuard is a national, specialty insurance marketing platform that enables consumers to easily enroll and secure the next generation of insurance protections they need to overcome unexpected financial losses related to specific life-stages. Our community of members count on us to help them overcome negative events that may put them at a financial disadvantage and be there for them if their personal property is stolen or damaged.

Our Core Values

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    Do the right thing. Always think of yourself as the customer.

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    Be open to growth. Mistakes happen. It's only a failure when we don't apply what we learn.

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    Be resilient. Find ways to win.

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    Take ownership. Do something above you and below you every day.

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    Be genuine and kind. The definition of nice in acts and words.

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    Work hard and have fun. What we say about GradGuard we say about ourselves.

Higher Education

GradGuard is an authority in protecting the investment in higher education. GradGuard’s innovative insurance and student benefit programs, including our market leading tuition and renters insurance programs, are available through select colleges and universities nationwide. By protecting students and their families from risks from college life, GradGuard helps reduce the cost of college and promote greater student success. GradGuard’s modern tuition and renters insurance programs are valuable student benefits available through a network of more than 400 colleges and universities. Since 2009, GradGuard’s insurance programs have protected nearly 1 million students and families. We are a proud member of many higher education associations and regularly contribute to Leadership for Student Success & Higher Education on LinkedIn alongside other thought leaders in this space.

Our Offices

The firm operates GradGuard from offices in Boston and Phoenix. Our team of insurance and higher education professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional benefit and insurance solutions that fulfill the needs of under-served consumer groups, such as young adults, students, graduates and their families.