10 Job Search Resources for College and Beyond

There are few tasks as stressful and time consuming as searching for a job while also balancing the rigors of college. Things don’t get any easier immediately post-graduation. So, why not get all of the help you can? Here are a list of ten resources that are sure to make the job search a little easier, and a little more fruitful.


This websites hits on the three main interests of job seeking college students and recent grads. These are entry level positions, internships, and part-time work. Students can post their resumes, look through posted jobs, and get lots of great job search advice. Job searches can be performed by top job categories, or through Career Rookie’s vertical channel which allows students to search some of the more popular employers and career fields.

My Next Move

Do you know exactly what you want to do after you graduate? Do you have it narrowed down to a few choices? Do you have absolutely no clue? No matter where you are, My Next Move is a great resource for you. You can look for the perfect job by industry or enter in specific keywords related to the job you would like to have. If you are completely flummoxed on where to start, they have a utility that will suggest possible careers for you based on your talents and interests.

Smart Custom Writing

This is an online writing service that is perhaps most well-known for helping students with their writing assignments. What many students are discovering though is that SmartCustomWriting.com is also a great resource for help with resume and CV writing, design, and editing. This premium writing service also offers students help with custom written cover letters tailored to each position. No student should begin their job search without a professionally written resume. Why not rely on a company that has a proven history of helping college students?


This is another great internet based resource for students. Don’t let the bare-boned web design fool you. What Experience lacks in flashy graphics, it more than makes up for in solid information for job-seeking students. You’ll get access to available jobs and internships along with great information on other topics such as interviewing tips and the best companies to work for.

College Recruiter

Do you have your sights set on starting your career in a major metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, Dallas, New York or Chicago? Are you interested in throwing your hat in the ring for one of the most sought after internships in the country? If so book mark College Recruiter as it is essentially your central repository for the jobs and internships you are seeking.


Why limit your job search to just one country when there are opportunities all over the world. This is especially true if you are a domestic relations student or are pursuing a career in international business. Ihipo is the perfect online source for students seeking job opportunities in other countries. You can search overseas jobs and internships, plus get excellent advice on your international career aspirations.

Campus Career Center

This is a solid job search resource for students anywhere looking for job while they are in college or a career once they have graduated. All you need to do is create an account on Campus Career Center. Then, you can search for jobs all over the country. In addition to this, recruiters will be able to access your resume information and contact you with available positions. This is a particularly great website for students interested in a civil service career.

Monster College

This is the division of Monster that is dedicated to helping college students get off on the right foot when it comes to finding the perfect job. It provides students with the ability to search for entry level jobs, but the resources don’t end there. Monster College provides students with advice on putting together their portfolios, financial advice, job search help, career advice, internship information, and scholarship resources.


This isn’t any networking site. LinkedIn is flagship networking website of virtually every career field there is. No student should start their job search before creating a profile and connecting with past employers, instructors, other students, and mentors. You never know when these connections will help you get the job of your dreams.

Office Politics

Nobody wants to believe that they are impacted by the game that is office politics, but the truth is they are. As a student, the faster you learn how to navigate office politics and use them to your advantage, the better off you will be. Office Politics approaches these lessons with a tongue in cheek sense of humor and a reminder that mastering office politics does not require dishonesty or underhanded manipulation. This is a great blog for students getting started in the business world.

About the author: Julie Ellis – the founder and editor at Premier Essay. Her wide experience in the field of education, self-improvement and psychology gives her the opportunity to help all people that are willing to make the world better. Learn more about her and connect on Twitter, and Google+.