4 Tips to Help You Excel at Adulting

Congratulations, you have graduated from high school! You’ve unlocked the entry-level door to adulthood; the one where you owe money to everyone, everywhere. In high school, your bank statement would be littered with charges such as McDonald’s and Forever 21. Nowadays, those charges are scarce and replaced by the responsibility of rent and tuition. Regardless, life comes at you fast.  The anxieties of trying to stay afloat on all of these new responsibilities may have you nostalgic for the drudgery of 2nd-period English. Not to worry; we are here with 4 tips on how to excel at adulting in college.

Keep track of fixed costs: Now you might say, “What even is a fixed cost?” It is a cost that will not change: i.e. rent. You will pay the same amount of rent every month unless there are changes made to your leasing agreement. Chances are, for bills like these, you have them set up on auto-pay. Just because you have auto-pay set up does not mean the payment is out of sight, out of mind. It is recommended that you have a physical list or spreadsheet of all the charges you know are inevitable to ensure you have funds in your checking account. If you don’t, your account may be over-drafted, which can result in monetary consequences. This would certainly put a damper on your weekly pizza budget. So, manage your bills, and it will save you some major headaches.

Limit your variable costs: You can probably guess what variable costs are based on context clues. Variable costs are things you pay for that often fluctuate. Examples include groceries and your utility bill (unless you pay flat rate). In terms of your budget, simply to limit where you can. Don’t leave lights on when you leave, limit your unnecessary purchases, and save money by budgeting your groceries

Learn how to say no: College is a wonderful time of your life. A lot of freedom will be thrown at you fast and you should have fun exploring the new waters. However, there will come a time when your feet don’t touch the ground anymore and you become uncomfortable with the way a situation is panning out. College peer pressures differ from those in high school. It’s important to stand your ground; especially when managing money is involved. Don’t let things get taken out of your hands as your true friends will understand.

Don’t be afraid to seek help: Believe it or not, nobody comes out of the womb with all the life skills they will ever need; they are acquired over time. Just because you are trying to be your own adult does not mean you figure everything out yourself. Any pride you may lose by calling up your parents for the 10th time that week will be surpassed by the relief of doing it right. However, be sure that you retain the skills you are taught. Don’t call your Dad every time the battery dies in the smoke detector. You should be actively trying to become independent.

Next time you’re looking around your parent or guardian’s house wondering how you will manage without them, remember these tips to excel at #adulting, and don’t forget to do the adult thing and purchase GradGuard Renters Insurance! You will impress your parents or guardians with your proactive decision. Taking life into your own hands means taking the proper precautions while at college. Learn more about GradGuard’s Renter’s Insurance today by visiting our website!