5 Cheap Gift Ideas


The holiday season is upon us, and you’re probably looking for some value plays this December.  Do you know what gifts you’re buying yet?  What will you get your friends and family that will say “you rock!” without breaking the bank?  If you’re not too sure, then check out these five affordable gift ideas that you can give your loved ones this holiday.  There’s something for everyone on your list!

1. Groupon
If you’re looking for a quick and easy, yet unique holiday gift, check out something your holiday recipient likes via Groupon.  Groupon can break down gifts into categories from location to price to genre, and even offers coupons and discounts for consumer goods products now (t-shirts, jewelry, etc.).  They also offer discounts and deals for excursions and places like bowling alleys, museums, and cool restaurants.  They have a little bit of everything.  Groupon is affordable and can really make for a fun and unique holiday gift!

2. Autographs
Write to your recipient’s favorite actor, athlete, or star to score an autograph!  Cost?  Likely just the few coins it will take to send the letter to the celeb.  Whether it be Twilight’s Taylor Lautner, singer Taylor Swift, or Minnesota Twins’ Joe Mauer, many stars in the spotlight have fan mailing addresses where you can write in for autographs.  Nothing is cooler than getting a personalized autograph from a star, so consider this another affordable, unique holiday gift idea! The FanMail site is a great place to find celebs’ addresses.  Write a nice letter to them right away, and cross your fingers that you’ll receive letters back!

3. Music/Movie Subscription
For all the music lovers in your life, you can give them a test run with a month’s subscription to Sirius XM Online Radio, Spotify for their smartphone, or an upgraded version of Spotify for a month.  It’ll give them a nice taste test of the modern ways of music listening.  A month of Spotify is just $9.99 and offers on-demand music anywhere.  Sirius XM offers over 150 channels of sports, talk, and news radio plus a myriad of no-commercial music stations for just $14.49.  Keeping with the trend, you can likewise give the TV/movie lover in your life the gift of Hulu Plus or Netflix (both for just $7.99) for a month!

4. “Spot-It” the Game
Spot It is among the best sellers on Amazon and can offer endless hours of fun.  The quartet of fast-paced party games will keep players thinking and laughing with its series of memory and mind-stimulating games.  It’s a game that’s great for all ages.  It’s currently on Amazon for the steal deal price of $11.56, and will surely keep your gift recipient entertained for hours!

5. Starbucks Coffee Gift Set
Most young adults and college kids are discovering the beauty of warm coffee in the morning to fuel their day.  Avoid getting them the stereotypical Starbucks gift card, and get them something that feels a little more personal.  Starbucks offers a French roast coffee set that comes with a mug and biscotti this season.  Price?  just $11.98.