After College Health!

Graduating from college is a huge milestone, but the harsh reality of life will slap you in the face soon after!  Successfully Adulting is fun but is a process that social media today does not show. In high school, you didn’t have to worry about getting a job, finding an affordable place to live, and most importantly purchasing your own insurance.

Usually, companies offer some sort of health care benefits for their employees.  However, college graduates are struggling to find a stable job that utilizes their degree. Employers are starting to reduce health care benefits to cut company costs.  Health care is a national issue that is affecting every employed and unemployed individual.

Years ago, Congress passed COBRA  in order to aid workers who lose their health insurance benefits due to job loss.  This gives these individuals and their families an option to continue their current health benefits provided by their group health plan under certain circumstances.  COBRA can be beneficial for college graduates who were covered under their parent’s health insurance plan while in school.  If graduates opt to be covered under COBRA, premiums will probably be very costly. The good news is you can stay on your parent’s health insurance until you are twenty-six.  However if

However, if you are leaving are a recent college graduate who is in the process of finding a job, you may also benefit from short term medical insurance.  Short-term medical insurance can help you pay for medical expenses in case your suffer an accident, injury or illness.  This coverage may not help you pay for primary health coverage, but it will give you some peace of mind regarding those large medical expenses that could result from a medical emergency.  In all cases, make sure you have medical coverage to pay for the expenses required to restore your health in case of an unexpected health problem.