Protect Your Apartment from Winter Weather

It’s February, meaning there’s still plenty of winter left. Even though it gets closer to spring every day, there could still be blizzards, snowstorms, and other winter-related problems. We all know that snow looks great outside of your home or apartment, but we also need to make sure that we know how to deal with it if it ever gets out of control or threatens your safety. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you’re safe at home for the rest of the winter, especially if there’s a storm.

Tips to keep your home safe in the winter

One basic way to protect your home or apartment from snow is shoveling. Buy a medium-sized shovel and make sure that walkways and sidewalks are completely clear after a storm. Shoveling helps you and your neighbors stay safe from black ice and other post-snowstorm dangers. It’s also a smart idea to use salt on any walkways to help melt ice quickly. As always, be careful while you’re out there clearing things up! Inside, make sure to have welcome mats so everyone can clean off their boots before entering and eliminate tracking water into the house that could lead to slips and falls. You don’t want to be liable for any injuries at home!

Another way to keep your place safe and sound during a storm is by checking up on the heat. During a storm, there’s always a chance that you may lose power. Be sure to keep the heat running—keep yourself and your roommates warm just in case! If your heat does not appear to be working correctly, be sure to talk to your landlord ASAP—don’t get stuck in the cold during a storm.

One thing tenants may forget about is ice buildup in unusual places. For example, ice can freeze and accumulate rapidly in your downspout or other exposed pipes. If enough snow builds up in the pipes, there could be disastrous results. Make sure to check with neighbors, roommates, and landlords to ensure that your pipes stay ice-free, especially after a big blizzard.

An important snow safety tip for your apartment is to be prepared. If a big snowstorm is in the future, make sure you’ve taken care of everything ahead of time at home. Be sure to keep blankets and flashlights out in the open if your heat or power goes out. If it looks like a blizzard could last for days at a time, stock up on plenty of food and household essentials like soap and toilet paper, just in case you won’t be able to get to the grocery store for a while. If you have a car, put it in the garage or an area that won’t get snowed in.

If you’re still concerned about your apartment for the rest of winter, talk to your landlord to discuss any concerns. You must be 100% sure your place will be safe during a storm or blizzard—peace of mind is critical during the wintertime. Also, consider renters insurance to help cover your personal belongings and protect what’s essential in your home in the event of an accident.

Stay safe for the rest of the winter! Spring is just around the corner!