The Top “Underground” Sites for College Students

There is no longer a true “underground,” thanks primarily to the Internet.  Small interest groups that few knew about and fewer cared about have become enormously popular and heighted through the Internet era.  Music is the most obvious form of “underground” before it becomes mainstream, but there’s a wide variety of once hidden gems that became big hits, to the despair of some (that wanted to be among “the minority”) and delight of the new majority.

The internet, for a short amount of time, had sites that were still relatively “underground.”

Twitter was once upon a time an underground site; very few people knew about it, fewer people knew what the site was all about and the fewest amount actually knew how to use Twitter.  Just three or four years ago, a celebrity could go on Twitter and tweet what they please without the fear of the tabloids making it come back to haunt them.  You were free to go on Twitter and not worry about other people stalking what you said and using the tweets against you, the true sign of an underground site.

Sites grow, word spreads and webpages blow up with clicks as people utilize social media.  However, there are still a select few websites that people love to use that haven’t exploded to the point where it’s almost a general principle to use them.

Checkout the five of the finest college underground websites: fire sales, 50-75% off big name designer brands and an ever-changing item catalog, these online discount megastores can save college kids money on quality apparel.  Hautelook is focused on young women’s clothing while Jack Threads is more on the guy side.  These sites provide free membership and exclusive steal deals for you to dress a step up on those college nights.  Give them a click for high-end brands at college friendly prices! students preparing to graduate, moving out and moving on can be a tough task.  Urban Bound is your personal assistant in planning and preparing for the future as this team of real estate experts can provide relocation services along with prime insurance deals, gym membership in your new town and affordable TV packages among various other necessities for your new home.  They’ll write you up a to-do list and help you solve it all step-by-step… for free.  Take a peek at the relocation servant for moving out of college. 29,000 Twitter followers, Zaarly can hardly be considered “underground,” but the site seems like it was built for college students looking to save… Looking for an athletic trainer?  An iPhone 4?  A bed mattress for your dorm or apartment?  Zaarly connects local buyers with local sellers.  You plug in what you need and Z will get you through to find a match.  Conversely, if you are a gym buff with tips, have an iPhone 4 to sell or an old mattress you no longer need, you become the sales side of Zaarly! It’s safer than CraigsList and a better value than eBay as the hybrid service stations various college campus reps to help you connect on campus.  Be sure to check them out when you’re looking to save money or earn some!

Hipster-Sick of seeing Instagram pictures left and right?  Tired of seeing people “Instagraming” their desk, fish bowl and other stationary objects?  Freshen things up with Hipster, an alternative site to Instagram that offers a fresh variety of other picture settings and options.  You can turn your snapshots into postcards to send via most any social media mailbox.  Moreover, the site is one of the easiest user-friendly snapshot enhancing sites! Hipster also provides a map of where fellow Hipster users are taking pictures around you.  Mix it up a bit and be sure to check out their site and app if you’re looking to enhance your artistic photographer side!

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