Truly Everything You Need to Pack for College 📚

everything you need to pack for college

It’s almost that time – back-to-college will be here before you know it! Are you ready? Packing can be overwhelming, and getting started is definitely the hardest part – especially if you’re an incoming first year!

Luckily, we’ve got lists on lists that will help YOU decide what you need to bring. There’s a lot to parse through on our Pinterest board, so we’ve listed some favorite links below. Check them out and follow us on Pinterest to stay up-to-date on the latest packing dish.

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Our favorites:

To help you figure out what to bring

Before you start packing, you’ll probably need to go shopping. This amazing list of questions helps you figure out What you need to know before you spend, so you can be sure the things you’re buying for school make sense, will get used, and will be worth it! This applies also to what you already have – make sure you need it – if not, keep it at home so you don’t over pack!



For first year students

This list is amazing and honest – from a real college student! Check out Courtney’s super helpful list of everything she actually used at college during her freshman year. She encourages incoming students to leave the extras at home, as it is a surefire way to make a dorm room feel smaller – great advice! And based on her blog, you know her list will have you living in style as well 😊


For help protecting your stuff

This post is super helpful for thinking about what to bring to protect all of your stuff while you’re at school. If you’re going back-to-college shopping, you’re gonna be dropping a fair bit of cash, and how much would that stink to have to replace it all if your stuff was stolen or damaged? Def bring the parents in on this one as they’ll be able to help — yes, mom and dad could have some really valuable advice. This post gives you some good talking points to review with them, and you can show them that you totally are a responsible and mature college student. Brownie points = earned 💯


For crossing things off and feeling accomplished

This mega-packing list from Bed Bath & Beyond is awesome. Not only does it notate items you might need for an apartment vs. dorm room, it also outlines different situations that may require more stuff (like no closet doors!). This list is a great starting point for figuring out what your personal list will eventually look like. It’s even printable!