Decorating Your Dorm: 5 Items to Bring



Decorating your dorm room can be one of the most fun parts of moving in.  While it can be nerve wracking and occasionally stressful if your tastes clash with your roommates, there are so many fun dorm solutions available to make your room fun, cheery, and cozy.  Below are a list of five tips to take your room from functional to fabulous.

1) A small rug

Many dorms have wall-to-wall carpeting, which is great at softening sound in buildings and warming up rooms.  Unfortunately, these carpets can sometimes be a bit scratchy on bare feet, worn looking, and unpleasant to the eye with the color combinations.  A great way to soften the floor surface is to buy a small rug to place next to your bed.  This way, if you have sensitive skin your feet will not be bothered by the harsh carpet and you can choose whichever color or pattern you desire.  Many dorms use linoleum tile instead of carpeting, which makes investing in a small rug even more necessary.  Stores catering to dorm shopping and corresponding online retailers usually carry small size, affordable rugs around back-to-school time for this purpose.

2) Extra Storage

Having extra storage will become necessary after a few months of living in your dorm.  Most dorm rooms provide a basic bureau and a desk with a few drawers which will fill up quickly.  Investing in some small shelves or a small set of drawers will keep your room looking neat and tidy.  Retailers such as The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target are good places to look for small dorm storage solutions.

3) Wall Art

Posters and pictures are what make your room unique!  Show off your individuality and style by hanging your favorite posters and photos!  Just don’t forget that most schools have a no-damage hanging policy, so be sure to grab some self-adhesive hanging strips and hooks before moving in.  Another damage-free way to decorate your wall space is with wall decals! The decals can be found in many different designs and are self-adhesive.  Online retailers such as Amazon and Etsy carry a large selection.

4) A Chair

Additional seating is a great way to add comfort and style to your dorm room.  You never know when you’ll be the host to a get together and should always be prepared for visitors.  A chair which can fold closed is easy to store and set up, and will add a comfortable spot to study in or for guests.

5) A Folding Screen/Curtains

If you are into a DIY-Project, an easy way to add style to your dorm room is to hang curtains on the ceiling next to your bed.  Not only does this increase privacy, but it also adds style to your bed space.  If the curtains are lightweight sheers, then you could easily hang them with wire found at your local hardware store to make a nice canopy surrounding your bed.  If craft projects are not your idea of fun, then consider purchasing a 3-panel room divider.  These come in a variety of styles, and are sold at many retailers including college bookstores.

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