Resources Every College Freshman Needs Before College Begins

Entering college is exciting, and college freshmen often experience a sense of independence for the first time of their lives. However, college presents a number of challenges, and incoming students need to ensure they’re equipped with the resources they need to thrive. Here are a few resources every college freshman needs before college begins.


Computers and Smartphones

Students will still need to use paper while in college, but more and more professors are accepting submissions through computer documents. Furthermore, typing is far faster than writing, and students equipped with computers are better able to keep up with demanding coursework. Although campus computer labs can help in a pinch, having an effective laptop is essential for staying afloat while entering college. Smartphones are important as well. With tools available for organization and communication, they play an essential role in making the most of college life.

Web Savvy

High schools rarely teach students how to find resources on the internet, but today’s college students need to learn how to find information online. It’s common for incoming freshmen to ask “What is Course Hero?” and other questions that are better answered before courses begin. Libraries and other resources will continue to play an important role in colleges, but today’s professors expect students to be able to find online information and incorporate it with their work.

Financial Management Skills

College often represents the first time students have to manage their own finances, and dealing with loans and having to pay bills can feel overwhelming at first. While students are likely to make mistakes along the way, arming them with basic finance skills before they enroll can help them avoid emergency situations. Again, technology can help; showing students how to use computer and smartphone tools for managing bills can help them keep an eye on their finances.

Nutrition and Exercise Knowledge

Although college freshman are generally young and able to bounce back quickly from injury and illness, fitness and diet are still important for maintaining health. Being able to maintain a sleep schedule can lead to better performance in the classroom, and proper nutritional knowledge can help students ensure they’re eating healthful meals. It’s common for freshmen to put on weight during their first year, and a little education can go a long way.

Real-World Knowledge

Freshmen are often forced to handle an array of responsibilities from day one of college, and many aren’t equipped properly. Knowing how to use public transportation, for example, can help students, especially those without cars, get to where they need to go. Students might also experience life in an urban environment for the first time, so knowing how to avoid potentially dangerous situations is essential. Making friends early on can help students learn how to navigate the real world.

Many people regard college as the happiest time of their lives, but proper preparation is critical for getting off to a strong start. Fortunately, there are more resources available than ever before, and students who get a bit of help before enrolling set themselves up for a memorable, exciting and rewarding experience.



Brock Calderon is recent college graduate with a BA in communications and a minor in English. He is fresh in his writing career and apart from writing he enjoys eating at a new restaurant weekly and exercising to burn off all those excess calories from all those restaurants. If he isn’t writing, eating, or exercising he’s probably watching the most recent episode of whatever show is most popular at the time (Catching up on Game of Thrones right now). Originally from Sacramento California, Brock now resides in Culver City.