GradGuard Advisory Board

The Board Mission:

The mission of the advisory board is to create a forum for GradGuard leadership and cross-functional school partners to come together to identify and solve emerging risks impacting higher education.

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Board member responsibilities

Board members discuss, propose, and recommend topics under consideration by GradGuard, including:

Providing practical feedback on product roadmaps and future innovations that can create additional value for its network of nearly 600 school partnerships.
Determining how GradGuard’s scale and national network can unlock additional value for schools through the design and development of new services, including technology and insurance programs.
Identifying research activities that identify emerging risks, trends, and best practices used by schools to enable students to overcome disruptions to their education.
Supporting professional development programs that advance cross-functional knowledge of risks, financial literacy, decision design, and more.
Identifying and establishing best practice benchmarks for risk mitigation in higher education.
Want to learn more about the GradGuard Advisory Board?

If you would like to learn more about our mission, or would like to express your interest in joining the board, contact Wimer Alberto, VP for University Relations:

Contact at