Getting an On-Campus Job

On Campus Job

View of Central Campus From my MU Hotel Room, Iowa State University
Getting an on-campus job can be a money booster and resume enhancer, especially if your schedule allows for it this semester.  In fact, getting the new job can be a tougher task than actually performing the job if it’s as a desk clerk, hall monitor or college ambassador.  I present to you a cheat sheet on how to get a college job, fast:

Ask your friends, friends of friends, teachers, administrators and counselors about openings and opportunities on campus.  Getting jobs via friends and acquaintances  is typically the best way to get ‘em—your relationships with people in the past will help you make new relationships in the future.

Check your Career Manager or Job Employment Site
Many schools have under the radar job sites offering positions year round.  Check out your school’s site for openings and apply… quick!

Seek out campus ambassador, representatives and managers positions
Many companies, especially tech companies, offer campus representative positions that can pay sweet commissions if you make sales on campus.  Included on this list is Apple that offers reps a free iPad with their pledge to provide their campus with insight and offerings from Apple.

Create your own job
Innovators emerge from common problems; if you watch ABC’s Shark Tank, you know that as well as anyone.  Thus, try to resolve a problem or issue you have by creating your own good or service, from an on-campus limo or shuttle service (if you have a car on campus), to offering tutoring or some sort of consulting to underclassmen for a small fee if you’re looking to bolster revenue and gain some experience in “small business.”

Sometimes the best way to put you in line for a job is by starting small—if you can volunteer to work events, you’ll be noticed and remembered.  Consequently, you’ll have priority for other applicants that are vying for an up and coming available job on campus.  Volunteering will also help introduce you to a myriad of new folks, but also help build your resume for future jobs and be a rewarding experience in itself.

Get Active on Social Media
Schools typically have several different Twitter pages that they are operating, and with those voices come various opportunities.  Follow your school’s business page, communications page, and if available, employment page to find out what’s going on.  They may post internships and job opportunities on campus, but if not, suggest a job they may need and offer to fill the need.  As social media continues to boom, you may even have the opportunity to help operate their digital media sites and pages on a part-time basis.