10 Ways to Make a Spring Break at Home Fun

10 Ideas for Spring Break at Home

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Spring break is coming! But not everyone is heading to a Miami beach party or embarking on a tropical getaway with their friends. Are you bummed out to be staying at home this spring break? Don’t be! Make the best of it by trying these 10 ways to make your spring break at home fun.

1. Rearrange / redecorate your room
You’ve probably changed a little since you first left for college, especially if you’re an upperclassman now. If your bedroom at home doesn’t really seem “you” anymore, then redecorate it! Donate old clothes and books you don’t want anymore, rearrange furniture, update the photos in your picture frames, and even paint the walls. It will be a fun project, and it’ll be nice to come home to a spiffy new room the next time you visit.

2. Catch up on your favorite series
You’ll have some time on your hands, so it’s the perfect chance to get caught up on your favorite TV shows. You won’t have to worry about overhearing spoilers anymore, and you’ll no longer be left wondering what became of your favorite characters at the end of last season’s cliff hanger.

3. Enjoy some home cooking
If you have a kitchen at your disposal over break, make use of it! They’ll be no more having to rely on your school’s dining hall for sustenance. Cook the foods you want when you want. You could even turn it into an event—have friends over and cook up a nice feast or have a dessert bake-off!

4. Take a day trip
So you might not have huge travel plans this break, but why not go somewhere fun for just a day? Day trips can be a great way to keep busy and see some neat sites, without breaking the bank. Pick an area of interest or even a tourist attraction within a few hours of your hometown, and take a day to check it out!

5. Go to the movies
Look up movie listings of the theaters in your area, and get ready for popcorn. Enjoy the luxury of watching a flick on the big screen instead of on your laptop! And don’t forget to bring your school ID in case they offer student discounts.

6. Recharge
With midterms over and essays turned in, you won’t have to pull any allnighters or cram in late night study sessions. So use this time to sleep! Forget your alarm clock, and use break to catch up on Z’s and recharge.

7. Bond with your family
If you’re going to be home over spring break, you should take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your family. Odds are that they missed you while you were away at school! Have a family movie night, go to dinner, or stay in—just make sure to catch up with your family.

8. Read for fun, not for class
Have a stack of books you want to read, but been too busy keeping up with school readings? Then take some time during spring break to grab a book and read for fun! It will be refreshing reading a book of your choice and not having to worry about highlighting significant quotes or taking notes!

9. Try a DIY project
Do something constructive this spring break, and try a do-it-yourself project. From making light fixtures to revamping old t-shirts, the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of websites with DIY ideas, like this great list from Buzzfeed.com or Pinterest.

10. Make plans for summer break
Ok, so you couldn’t work out a vacation for your spring break, but there’s always this summer. You’ve got a week at home, so do some research online, talk with friends, and start making potential plans for a fun summer getaway! It doesn’t have to be huge—something like camping can cost just $20 a night. But definitely don’t feel down about not going away this spring break; summer will be here before you know it!