GradGuard & College Parents of America Launch Student Protection Plan

GradGuard was excited to announce in a press release it will be working with College Parents of America to launch the Student Protection Plan, featuring tuition refund insurance and other insurance benefits to protect students from potential losses. The conjoined efforts of College Parents of America and GradGuard promises to bring a multitude of insurance coverages and benefits necessary for students to succeed.

College Board estimates the sicker price for tuition and room & board at a public university to be $15,213 and a private university to cost approximately $35,636. GradGuard offers tuition refund insurance to protect this great investment. The tuition insurance is underwritten by Markel Insurance, an “A” Rated (Excellent) company according to A.M. Best. As families invest more an more in their child’s education this type of insurance is becoming a greater necessity. Should a student need to withdraw for medical or mental health reasons, GradGuard’s tuition insurance helps to protect families non-refundable losses.

A key type of insurance promoted by this partnership is the Student Protection Plan. The Student Protection Plan offers coverage for identity theft, emergency medical evacuation, small gadget theft, physical and virus damage to your PC, and an extended warranty coverage. The plan is embedded in the $299 membership to College Parents of America and premium GradGuard Tuition Insurance Policies. If purchased separately these coverages would cost families hundreds of dollars, bundling them together GradGuard offers coverage at an affordable rate.

“We developed our GradGuard Student Protection Plan to help students and their parents address many of the concerns that families confront as the school year starts and progresses”

-Bill Suneson, managing partner

GradGuard is on a mission is to protect the many aspects of the young collegiate lifestyle. GradGuard’s Student Health Insurance, Tuition Insurance, Travel Insurance and Student Protection Plan offer many ways to insure most every part of a college career. Protecting these important parts of a student’s life allow him or her to focus on classes and student activities.

GradGuard is working hard to support and protect all aspects of the college student’s lifestyle. For a free quote please visit the GradGuard website at: