GradGuard Renters Insurance: Covid-19 Update

We understand the growing concern surrounding COVID-19 and anticipate that the disruptions to college life will be substantial.

While we will continue to monitor the impact, it is useful to remind our members that GradGuard's renters insurance contains some valuable coverage during these uncertain and tumultuous times.

  1. 1. When we state that "GradGuard is designed for college life", we truly mean it. It is important to note that personal property coverage with GradGuard still applies in the following scenarios:
    • If students are studying abroad and are temporarily unable to travel back home or to campus.
    • If students have decided to place their personal belongings in storage due to a desire to move into summer housing, while also adhering to an institution's request to vacate for the spring term.
    • If students are being asked to move home for the remainder of the semester.
    • If students are being asked by the college/university to self-quarantine within their residence hall rooms or within their home.
  2. 2. In addition to worldwide property coverage contained in the policy, GradGuard's policy covers their personal belongings while in storage. This includes leaving their property in their residence hall if they are temporarily displaced.
  3. 3. If a student has been displaced or relocated to off-campus rental housing, please call GradGuard at (866) 985-7598 and we will update their policy to make sure they are covered at their new address.
  4. 4. U-HAUL is offering 30 days of storage for free to all students who are being temporarily displaced due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Please note that GradGuard does not have any affiliation with U-HAUL, and we recommend students look at all of the details before using this option.

As a reminder, if students or parents have any questions about COVID-19 and their existing renters insurance policies, we encourage them to email The number for our licensed agency is (866) 985-7598.

Thank You,

John Fees

Managing Director