Don't go to college half protected.

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What if you could protect your entire college investment?

College Renters Insurance

GradGuard's College Renters Insurance provides real renters insurance protection designed with simplicity and ease for college students. We provide low deductibles (much less than your homeowners policy), worldwide property coverage (likely not covered by your homeowners policy) and no credit check.

Did you know that most schools provide no refunds after the fourth week of classes for a forced medical withdrawal? 1 out of 4 students who enroll don't return for a second year.*

Forced medical withdrawals from college are increasing because of health conditions. Panic attacks are up 200%, anxiety is up 77% and depression is up 67%.**

And don't forget your stuff. There's an average of over 28,000 crime and safety incidents reported annually on college campuses.*** This includes 1,840 fires each year!

You're going to spend a lot to go to college.

Tuition, your residence hall, books, fees and don't forget all your stuff like laptops, electronics, clothes and more.

It's also easy to lose it all.

Based on estimates of $500/year cost of tuition coverage and $15/month cost of renters coverage for four years.

Terms and conditions apply. *HigherEdStudy 2019 Survey. **American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment. ***Annual average reported on college campuses since 2009 according to Clery Act reports.

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