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How do I purchase GradGuard Renters Insurance?

Updated 2 months ago | Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Renters Insurance is quick and easy. Please click here to begin a policy. Or you can take a look at our plans at and go through the quote process to see what makes sense for you. If you would like to speak to an agent, give us a call, 866-985-7598.


Need more specifics: 

School already started, is it too late to purchase Renters Insurance?

GradGuard College Renters Insurance is available for purchase at any point during the school year.


I am a parent, can I purchase a renters policy for my student?
Yes, you can! When you're enrolling, you can make yourself the account holder by selecting "someone else". The form will then ask you to tell us about yourself and your student. This will allow GradGuard to e-mail you important information regarding your student's policy. 


I am not a student, am I eligible for GradGuard's Renters Insurance? 

Anyone is welcome to purchase GradGuard College Renters Insurance. We have specific endorsements tailored to college students, such as low deductibles and worldwide personal property coverage.

However, in order to enroll at this time, you must select a university name. If you are not a student, we recommend selecting the university that is closest. Then, just be sure to select that you are living off-campus while going through the enrollment process.



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