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Who is eligible to buy tuition insurance?

Updated 1 year ago | Frequently Asked Questions

GradGuard's Tuition Insurance is available to residents of ALL states. The student must be attending an accredited post-secondary institution. Study abroad programs are also eligible for protection if through an accredited institution.


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Any student who is healthy enough to begin classes, attending an accredited 4-year non-profit that offers this Tuition Protection Plan program, and responsible for tuition costs, may be eligible to purchase tuition insurance. This includes students at a college or university program based in the United States. This does not include private high school, professional development or trade school, or other academic programs. Eligibility and coverage variations are determined by the student's state of residence defined during the purchase process.


Is tuition insurance available for foreign students studying in the U.S.?

Students lawfully present and residing in the US who pay tuition to attend an eligible institution can insure their tuition with GradGuard.


Am I protected while studying abroad?

Students studying abroad who pay their tuition and fees to their home school, not the study abroad program, are eligible to purchase protection.

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