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Is my bike, laptop, and cellphone covered?

Updated 9 months ago | Frequently Asked Questions

Bike: Yes

Items such as bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades are all covered under this policy.

However, any motorized or electric vehicles are not covered. Any bike, scooter, or other modes of transportation powered by a motor or battery are not covered, nor are any modes of transportation that are designed for street use. 

Be sure that you have documentation and proof that you owned the item before you submit a claim.

Laptop: Yes

Yes, items such as laptops, phones, head phones, speakers, and other electronics are covered under your renter's insurance policy. 

Cellphone: Yes

Yes, your phone is covered in the case of an event such as theft or another covered peril. Please note that we do not cover accidental damage such as a cracked screen.



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