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Renters - I need to make a change to my coverage: Insured address, add a roommate, add an interested party or update your coverage limits.

Updated 2 months ago | Frequently Asked Questions

Insured address: Yes

You may update your insured address. To make that change, log in to your online account at and select the renters policy that you wish to change. Then select the "edit" button at the top next to the insured name. You can then make edits to your address. Once you calculate the coverage at the bottom, it will let you know if there is a rate change, and then confirm your change.

Make sure you select at the top the date that you wish your new coverage to begin.

Note that if your address changes to a new state, a rewrite will happen to your policy and you will be issued a new policy and policy number.


If you have trouble making this change, please give us a call (866-985-7598), chat, or email us. 

 *Note: If you are currently living in on-campus housing and are moving to a different dorm/apartment that is also on-campus housing, your address does not need to be updated. 


Add a roommate: Yes

You may add a roommate after you purchase a policy. We don't encourage students to share policies unless you have a minimum of $5,000 personal property and $25,000 liability per person. Note that when you add a roommate to your policy, the coverage limits are split between everyone listed.

To add a roommate, log in to your online account at and select the policy you wish to add a roommate to, then select the "Edit" button at the top next to your name.

You can then scroll down to the roommate's section and add up to 4 roommates to your renters policy for a total of 5 insureds including yourself as the named insured on the policy. You will need their first and last name along with their contact email address.

Once you have added them, make sure you calculate and save the changes at the bottom!


If you have trouble, please give us a call (866-985-7598), chat, or email us. 


Add an interested party: Yes 

You may add an interested party after you purchase a policy. We are able to add a landlord, parent, or property management company as one of these three things at any time!

You can do so by logging into your online account at and selecting the policy you wish to add an interested party to. You can then select the "Edit" function at the top next to the insured name. Scroll down to the bottom. add your interested party and calculate and save the changes.

Tip: If you need to add an address as an interested party, just enter it into the Last Name field and the name of the complex/landlord in the first name field. Make sure you also add a contact email address for them.


If you have trouble, just send us an inquiry, give us a call, chat with us, or send us an email so we can get them added for you.

Adding an interested party, party of interest, or additional interest means that the person or company you add is able to request details about your policy from GradGuard as well as be notified if you cancel your policy.


Changing Coverage Limits: Yes

You can change the amount of coverage you purchased at any time within your online account at

Once you get there, just select the policy you need to change the coverage limits for and select "Edit" at the top next to the insured name. You can then edit your property coverage, liability coverage, or deductible! Once you have selected your new coverages, calculate the changes down at the bottom of the page. This will then show you the change of the premium for the new coverage selected. Once you agree at the bottom to the new premium price, the policy will be edited to reflect that change. Make sure before you submit the change, that you select the date you want this change to take place. 

You will receive an email following the change notifying you that an edit has been made to your policy.


When you make any kind of edit to your policy, you need to know that the soonest a change can take place is the next day and the furthest out is 90 days. We cannot backdate the start of coverage of any kind whether that be at a new address or updating your coverage limits.

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