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How to Pause Your Renters Insurance Policy

Updated 9 months ago | Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to pause your current renters insurance policy for up to 6 months and have it resume at a later date! You do need to be on the monthly billing cycle to take advantage of this option.


Step 1: Log into your online account at


Step 2: Select the renters insurance policy you are wanting to Pause


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the policy page and select "Pause Policy"

Screenshot of Account Information including address and contact info

Step 4: Select the date you wish for your policy to pause, and then select the date that you wish your policy to resume and click "Confirm"


Step 5: Be sure the information on the final pop-up is correct, then select "Confirm Pause." You will then receive an email the summarizes the pausing of your policy.

Screenshot of pause policy confirmation and details


Step 6: You're done!


An agent is also able to help you pause your policy if you need assistance! You can reach one through:

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