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    John Fees

    Co-founder of Next Generation Insurance Group (NGI), John is a repeat entrepreneur and a thought-leader in affinity and collegiate marketing. John has specialized in building successful affinity and marketing partnerships for media and financial service industries for more than 19 years, having co-founded and Y2M: Youth Media + Marketing Networks. A proud Arizona State and Harvard Business school grad, John’s favorite hobby is needling the many University of Arizona graduates at NGI.

  • Let's say the student is making a quesadilla and burns the wall...

    Bill Suneson

    Co-founder of Next Generation Insurance Group (NGI), Bill is one of the nation's foremost affinity sales and marketing leaders in the financial services space. He brings nearly 20 years of sales and business development experience to GradGuard and has a track record of forging profitable affinity marketing strategies for Fortune 500 brands and start-ups alike. Bill has held leadership positions at Affinity Marketing Group, Collegiate Funding Services, and JP Morgan Chase. He is a Marquette grad, where he was an NCAA Division I tennis player.

Campus Development

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    Joe Creney
    VP Partnership Development

    Joe has extensive sales experience and currently leads NGI's business development efforts with both the collegiate and affinity channels. Joe is a graduate of the University of Vermont and Babson College and has worked at Compete, JP Morgan Chase, Collegiate Funding Services and Sapient. When not traveling for business, Joe can be found following the New England seasons with his wife and two young sons.

  • I totally identify with the college market.

    Steve Fucci
    Director of Campus Development

    Steve is the lead specialist for Student Renters Protection on our Campus Development Team. He plays a pivotal role in creating and nurturing our school relationships. A graduate of New Hampshire College with a B.S. in Sports Management and a native of the Boston area, Steve has a passion for everything Boston sports. Because of this, he is the resident GradGuard March Madness Bracket Administrator.

  • I'd rather be bear hunting.

    Chanda Graham
    Partnership Marketing

    Chanda oversees implementation of our programs with school partners and is responsible for managing these relationships. Chanda grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada and graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University. She loves music, hiking and is fluent in Canadian, eh!

Consumer Experience

  • I've been doing this wrong the whole time.

    Mike Brennan
    Creative Director

    Mike is in charge of the 'colors and shapes' of GradGuard as well as the front-end development of the site (like this page). A long time standing desk enthusiast, Mike does his best work up-right and rocking out, with the occasional riff of air guitar, to heavy metal bands. Mike attended Northern Kentucky University, is a founding member of Team Do Stuff and a skilled home brewer.

  • We Want You!

    Maybe You

    GradGuard is currently looking for a designer to fill out their Consumer Experience team. Mike is pretty lonely in this section all by himself. Find out more on the GradGuard Careers Page.


  • She's just a small town girl! Living in a LONELY world!!

    Brian Kelley
    Chief Technology Officer

    Brian is a technology pioneer and online product advocate. A technologist and repeat entrepreneur, Brian brings this passion and over 15 years of experience to NGI, architecting and building the platform for all of NGI's technology offerings, including Brian has been instrumental in the creation of many Internet-based Bay Area businesses, including and The Bay Citizen, and advises several technology companies. A Skidmore grad, Brian is an avid musician and car enthusiast.

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    Chris Bailly
    Software Engineering

    Chris is a software engineer for GradGuard, bringing with him previous web application development experience at two other insurance companies. Chris taught himself to code while working as a lawyer, and never looked back! A graduate of New York University and Northeastern University, Chris enjoys playing music, reading, hiking and spending time with his two young daughters. A foodie, Chris likes to surround himself with people who cook him yummy things.

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