Would an unforeseen illness or injury prevent you from completing your education?

Protect your investment in higher education with GradGuard™ Tuition Insurance by Allianz Global Assistance

Tuition Insurance provides a refund when schools may not. This program protects students and families if a student is forced to withdraw from school mid-semester due to a covered reason. See complete policy details for terms and restrictions.

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Serious injury or illness

Even the most responsible student can be sidelined by illness or injury. With Tuition Insurance, you won’t face the no-win situation where your ill or injured student struggles to learn to avoid “wasting” the tuition you’ve already invested.

Psychological conditions

Depression and anxiety are among the most common reasons for withdrawal. If your student suffers a mental health issue, you can rest assured, knowing you’re covered.1

Chronic illness

Often, the stress of college will exacerbate a pre-existing chronic illness. Unlike other tuition refund plans, Tuition Insurance can cover existing medical conditions … enabling you to hit “Pause” on your child’s education if it becomes necessary.

About GradGuard

GradGuard is the nation's first comprehensive insurance and benefits solution specifically designed for college life. Our mission is to help families protect their investment in Higher Education. We do so by providing financial protection for our sponsoring partners and personal protection for the students they serve.

We have been selected as the preferred provider of protection programs for some of the leading colleges and universities in the nation. Over 900,000 college students have access to GradGuard benefits through more than 150 school-sponsored programs.

GradGuard is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group LLC.