10 Ways College Students Can Be More Energy Efficient While Living On-Campus

As a college student, you probably roll your eyes every time someone talks about “boring” stuff like energy conservation. But, come to think of it, being more energy efficient will make our planet (and your school) a better place and even save you some money! Here’s how you can be more energy efficient in your own small way:

Unplug Electronics When Not In Use

Did you know that even switched off devices can consume up to 27 watts of “vampire power”? So, next time when you’re done using your laptop or phone charger, try unplugging the cables from the socket and you might save a few dollars per year.

Give Your Thermostat a Rest

Yeah, we get it – nobody wants to stay indoors with heavy jumpers and scarves on during winter. When working with a student’s budget, however, it makes sense not to use the thermostat every single winter day. Sometimes, just put on your heaviest jumper, a pair of mittens, add a hot cup of coffee and probably a duvet then get busy with a movie and your best college friends.

Use Programmable Thermostats

If you can’t avoid it, at least use a thermostat that can be programmed not to consume much power when you are not around.

Use a Fan In Place of AC 

We all love our air conditioners, especially in the hot nights of the summer but they are not cheap to maintain on a college student budget. On the contrary, an average electric fan consumes about 75 watts per hour, which dwarfs the 1000+ watts a regular conditioner uses in the same period. Yes, fans may not cool your room effectively, but you can always put on some shorts and a tank top when it gets too hot.

Watch the Lights!

As a rule, only turn on your lights when it’s necessary; that is when the darkness is too much. Early morning and evenings are dark but don’t necessitate keeping the lights on. Also, when watching a movie or playing on your phone, you can keep the overhead lights off as the electronics produce enough light. When the electric bill comes, guess who’ll be celebrating?

Be Economical With Hot Water

As a college student, long hot baths are fun and all at the end of a stressful day, but they significantly balloon your electric bill and waste a lot of heat; that is not good for the wallet. It’ll do you and our planet some good to take short hot showers and use gas instead of electricity to heat water any other time.

Buy Efficient Appliances

For instance, energy saving bulbs use 10%-30% less energy and last longer than ordinary bulbs. For the outdoors, motion sensor lighting will save you a few bucks when it’s time to pay the bills.

Share Appliances

There’s no need for you and your roommates to have multiple TVs or refrigerators. Sharing major appliances (with boundaries, of course) saves time, energy and space.

Sun-dry Your Clothes

Avoid using your dryer unless the weather is terrible and you desperately need particular clothes. Every other time, hang your clothes out in the sun and give them time to dry. During winter, you will conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions from the dryer if you first air-dry your clothes until they lose excess wetness before putting them in the dryer.

Washing Machine

Washing machines use relatively less power when running on cold water with no effect on cleanliness. Also, cleaning the lint filter before loading will keep your machine in peak condition and reduce energy consumption.

Living a green life should be the ultimate aim of everyone on our planet, particularly college students who are regarded as more informed and educated. Hopefully, this post inspires you to live a greener, cheaper and more efficient life!

Which of these ten methods can you apply in your college life right away?

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