10 Ways to Overcome a Creative Crisis

When the clock is ticking, and assignments keep piling up, it can often be hard to keep a cool head, let alone stay productive and creative. Although these situations may stress you out and raise concerns, don’t start panicking just yet. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself successfully overcome a creative crisis.

  1. Don’t give up too soon. Stay persistent and patient, and have faith in yourself. Having troubles at the beginning is not a “bad omen”. It’s a situation that occurs to more people, more often than you think.
  2. Search for references. In the case of a creative crisis, the internet is your best friend. Sometimes a simple, relevant online search can set you off just right, giving you the initial push you need to keep going.
  3. No pressure over the outcome. Don’t push yourself to get it all right in your first try. If you managed to do some work and the result is still not quite pleasing, don’t discard it just yet. Let it “breathe” for a while, then return to it and polish it up like writers from ResumesPlanet.
  4. Break it into pieces. Approach a large-scale assignment by breaking it into smaller tasks. Accomplishing objectives one by one will make you feel a lot better, and you will be able to do more when your mind is relaxed.
  5. Change your routine. Some people enjoy working in the same spot at the same time, having the same working routine every day, but perhaps it’s time to make a little change. A different environment brings different vibes, which may be just the thing you need.
  6. Discuss it with others. Talking about your assignments can prove to be of great help. Our brain works differently when we think to ourselves, as opposed to brainstorming with others. Let the creative juices flow!
  7. Don’t push it. “If you’ve already tried hard and nothing worked, it’s time to take a break from your task, and not just physically, but mentally as well. Step aside and let the matter wait for the proper moment” says Rich Marison, an academic writer from UK Careersbooster.
  8. Do something else. While you’re resting your brain, put your body to work. Wash the dishes, take a long bath to relax, or simply go out for a walk. Not thinking about your assignment for a while will give you the fresh perspective you need to move on.
  9. Carry a notebook around. You never know when good ideas may strike, so make sure you are always prepared to write them down.
  10. Take care of yourself. Are you getting enough sleep and trying to eat healthy as much as you can? Take good care of yourself. Sound body, sound mind.

A creative crisis can happen to anyone, but it’s important to remember that we are not powerless in the matter when it does occur. Sometimes it takes some persistence, while in some cases, you need to take a break from the pressure and spend some time relaxing your mind. Either way, GradGuard is here to help with all your essential tips and motivation. Don’t give up – you can do it!

BIO: Alexandra Reay is one of the many from the GgradeMiners review team. She is fond of horse riding, reading, and rock music. Alexandra keeps her spirit in writing fluent articles as well. Meet her on Twitter