4 Personal Safety Accessories To Carry When Walking At Night

Whether you’re jogging around campus or walking home at night from a friend’s dorm, the potential for danger increases after dark. The reduced visibility and lack of eyewitnesses makes you a vulnerable target for would-be attackers.

As such, it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and prepare for self-defense if necessary. Luckily, a variety of new self-defense products are available that are small and subtle yet effective at warding off attackers.

Next time you’re outside alone at night, keep these convenient and portable accessories within reach—they might save your life in a compromising situation.

Keychain Panic Alarm

This safety device from SABRE is disguised as a USB flash drive and attaches to a key ring for protection at your fingertips. If endangered, yank the built-in fob, which triggers a warning siren to deter the assailant and inform anyone nearby of your distress. The alarm’s bandwidth reaches up to 300 feet, increasing your prospects of staying safe. The money you spend on this particular keychain supports The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

Miniature Stun Gun

This weapon from  Vipertek is compact enough to fit inside your pocket for quick access. When activated, the stun gun emits 35-million volts of electricity to disarm a perpetrator and render them temporarily motionless:

“A stun gun works by attacking the nervous system, delivering high-voltage electricity to an attacker’s body. Unlike tasers, stun guns must make direct contact with the assailant to work. Still, they’re less regulated and typically smaller and easier to conceal,” explain experts at The Home Security Super Store.

In addition, this gadget is also equipped with a high-powered LED flashlight, so you won’t become disoriented in the darkness. It also uses rechargeable batteries for maximum efficiency.

Go Guarded Ring

This wearable from Fisher Defensive comfortably and securely adjusts to your finger like any other ring you’re already wearing. When you make a fist, the ring’s pointed tip automatically extends, allowing you to stab an offender in their sensitive areas. For added protection, the snug fit ensures this weapon cannot be knocked from your hand, which could give you the advantage in a struggle.

Red Pepper Spray

This common self-defense item, also from SABRE, is made with a high-performance liquid compound to induce police-grade strength from a 10-foot range. Given its potency, this pepper spray is more effective than other brands, and the ultraviolet marking dye assists law enforcement with identifying suspects.

Remember that the spray will take a few minutes to overcome the person when using the device, says Gary Sikorski of Reasonable Force Training. He continues, “That is why you must ‘spray and move’ after deploying pepper spray and always be prepared to physically defend yourself.”

This post was contributed to GradGuard by Jessica Thiefels.

Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than ten years and is currently a full-time blogger. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition specialist, and the owner of her own personal training business, Honest Body Fitness. She’s using her experience in writing, editing, and marketing to help people get healthy and learn to love what their bodies can do. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for health articles, new workouts, and more.