4 Ways To Get Involved Your Freshman Year

If you have ever been to a major college campus during the school year you know it’s a buzzing place. The sheer amount of people going around, with their own schedule and agenda, can be a little overwhelming. Your first day will consist of you clutching your campus map trying figure out the location of Science Building D. Upperclassmen scoff as you spin around in circles trying to locate which direction is north. Your first few days on campus can be kind of a crash course, especially if you are new to the area. One of the best ways to become acclimated to college life is to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Jump in the deep end, and become completely involved in your campus community. We are here with 4 ways to get you out of that extra long twin and into university life.

Join Greek Life: It might seem unappealing at first, but rushing a fraternity or sorority can be the fastest way to make friends, and find a group of people to belong to. Many Greek life organizations are connected at the national level and can provide a connection for you when trying to apply for your first job out of college. Just make sure that your fraternity or sorority is enhancing your college experience, not is your college experience.

Play Intramurals: Playing sports just for fun can be extremely beneficial to you in more ways than one. You will be playing games with like-minded individuals that inspire both competitiveness and teamwork. The friends you discover playing on a team can be some of the best you will make, and blowing off some steam on a Tuesday night sure beats that sad pizza day your RA threw.

Join Clubs or Church Groups: There will probably be hundreds of clubs at your school varying from student-run chess clubs, to nationwide competitive trivia groups. You never know what you will find going around your campus, but most have a database of all the activities you can join. Many students will also become involved in church or religious groups, where they can celebrate their beliefs together or discuss the texts amongst one another. Any way you want to do it, you are sure to find some of your interests being celebrated around you.

Be Open Minded: You never know what sort of activities will take place on your campus. From concerts and political rallies to festivals and fairs; you will find your campus is humming with life, and you need only tap into it to change your daily routine. Check out the paintings they are displaying, and talk to the artists about why or how they got started. Walk through the world culture festival, listen to the music, and sample the food. As long as you are willing, your college campus can be one of the most interesting places you will ever be on.

It isn’t easy starting over in a place where you don’t know anyone, but that is the situation for a lot of out-of-state college students. Getting involved in the hive that is a college campus can seem daunting at first, but with these 4 tips, GradGuard is here to save the day.