5 Hobbies in College That Can Make You a Better Employee

Presumably, you are working your head off in college to graduate with a high GPA and hopefully land a well-paying job. That’s great, but did you know that the activities you engage in while in college can improve your experiences as an employee in the future? A recent study revealed that people who engage in creative hobbies were more productive and innovative at their workplaces. That said, below are some hobbies that will make you better in your work:

Community Work

Of all the things you do in college, nothing is more satisfying than working with your local community as a volunteer, unpaid worker or facilitator of charity events. It might not provide much in terms of monetary gains, but you learn some coordination and leadership skills, not to mention the goodwill that you get from the community. Essentially, you gain a new perspective from which to approach life.

Playing Musical Instruments

Regularly practicing and playing musical instruments is a rewarding undertaking that admittedly comes with ups and downs. Sometimes, you will think that you’ve learned enough keys to play the piano, but the next time you play, you suddenly happen to forget your steps. Through the disappointments and false starts, however, you develop traits such as self-discipline, ability to withstand failure, and learn persistence. These traits, as renowned businessman Panos Panay noted, make very successful entrepreneurs.


Writing is one of those activities that require you to be alert, creative and focused at the same time. It’s also a way of expressing yourself and releasing tension and feelings of anger. Writing regularly can make your brain more creative as you try to find topics to write about and the words to use. The advantages of writing as a hobby do not end at the workplace, however, as creative writing skills are still needed in college. This is more so when tackling topics that require critical thinking and good writing skills such as qualitative research essays and cause and effect paragraph topics.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise is a great way to, not only get your body in shape and your health in check, but to also keep your mental health on track. The mental benefits of exercise which are relevant to your work performance include reduced stress and tension, improved concentration, feelings of satisfaction, and high self-esteem. When you’re feeling good about your body and have more energy, it will be reflected in your work performance. Your relationships with your colleagues and superiors will also improve, and thus you will be able to achieve more. Getting involved with exercises while still in college is a great way to cultivate a long-term habit that is beneficial to your physical, mental, and social health.


As a student, reading is a routine activity that’s seen as boring by most. Yet, reading lots of non-academic books or literature can be a source of fresh ideas, new knowledge, and perspectives. Reading different types of books further expands your knowledge bank and helps you see the world as the authors saw it. Depending on the genre that you read, you might even get a few useful tips on improving your job performance or getting better grades in college. If you listen to the most successful people in business and the world, including Former President Obama and Warren Buffet, they all admit being zealous readers and for a good reason.

There is really no sure way of being a good employee or finding a job. It’s all a matter of doing the things that work (like the tips above), and the results will come with time. Some of the hobbies named, like exercising, may be hard or expensive to start but as long as you are determined, they are very doable.

Which of your college hobbies has helped you be better at work? Share with us below.

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