5 Short Safety Tips To Remember For Halloween

5 Short Safety Tips for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, many college students will be gearing up for trick-or-treating (you will quickly realize, if you haven’t already, that you are not too old for candy and costumes when you’re in college). While this time of year can be great fun, it’s also easy to let your guard down. By now you should know some general safety tips, but it can’t hurt to refresh your memory a bit (because how much were you paying attention at orientation?). Here are 5 short safety tips to keep in mind so your Halloween adventures are nothing but fun.

1. Travel in groups
Not only is it more fun to go candy hunting and party hopping with all your friends, but it’s also a good way to make sure no one gets lost. Even if your college is surrounded by rich, quiet neighborhoods, it’s never a bad idea to walk around with at least one other person, and never a bad idea to keep track of one another at a crowded college party.

2. If you go to a party or gathering with alcohol, make sure you have a reliable way back to your dorm/campus/apartment.
You don’t want to spoil a fun night by landing yourself or someone else in the ER. Keep track of the people you arrived with and when it’s time to leave, go together and make sure everyone gets back to where they need to be. Put the number of a cab company or two in your area in your phone before you go, or coordinate with a designated driver to help you back. If you’re walking, remember to obey the rules of the road and take extra caution when crossing in the dark.

3. Carry a flashlight.
At least one person in your group should have a flashlight. They come in handy when large sidewalk cracks suddenly spring up, and will make your group more visible to passing cars on a dark street.

4. When walking on the street, stay on the left side as much as possible.
If you walk on the left, traffic will always be coming toward you so you will always see approaching vehicles. Try to wear bright colors so you are easier to spot, or have a friend in bright colors lead your pack. Always walk on the sidewalk!

5. Try to make your costume as suitable for movement and breathing as possible.
Be as elaborate as you want when you dress up, but do consider the fact that you’ll be walking around outside in the dark and you’ll be in it for several hours. You might want to bring along a pair of comfortable shoes to change into as the night wears on and there should be some way of loosening your costume a little bit if it becomes uncomfortably tight, as well as something warm to wear over it if the fall temperatures turn chilly – you don’t want to catch a cold right before finals start picking up!

Keep these guidelines in mind and enjoy a fun, safe, candy-filled holiday!