5 Student Discounts That Help You with Your Studies

Choosing to study is one of the best investments that you can make in your future. However, once you add up everything you might find that it costs a lot more than you had expected. Thankfully, there are some useful student discounts you can take advantage of.

Travel Discounts

It is common for students to get discounts on bus and train travel. This can be a life-saver if you need to travel to classes every day. Even if the full fare doesn’t seem all that much, it can soon add up if you have to make two or more trips each day.

This can also give you an incentive to explore the area if you have moved away from home to study. Getting out and doing some tourism near your new house can be a great way of taking your mind off exams, meaning that you have a better chance of keeping your stress levels low.

Learn a Language for Less

One of the most worrying things about moving abroad to study is the language barrier. If you decide to study in an English-speaking country and aren’t completely at ease with the language, it is going to make life more difficult for you in many different ways.

Instead of paying a lot for an English course, you can look online for tutors with a reasonable hourly rate. Book a block of lessons at once with Preply and you can get up to 15% off the normal price too. Use the 1-1 lessons to practice for your exams, for your future career, or for any other aspect you want to brush up on.

Pick Up Food Deals

Eating healthily on a tight budget is a big challenge for many students. It is easy to slip into bad habits by eating cheap, low-quality food that doesn’t give you all of the energy and good health that you need for your studies.

Take a look at your local supermarkets and restaurants, to see what kinds of student deal they have. For example:

  • Many give a 10% discount for students
  • But others go up to 30% or more
  • You might also be offered a good-value meal deal or some other special offer that makes it worthwhile

Books and Other Materials

One cost you can’t avoid is that of the books and materials that are needed for your studies. Depending upon the subject, this can add up to a huge amount, and that’s before you even consider anything you might want to read or do in your own leisure time.

Students are regarded as being highly sought-after customers of book stores and stationers, because of the number of purchases they make. This means that you might be able to pick up the things you need from these places without paying the full price. 

At Barnes & Noble you can also buy used books at a reduced price, or earn some extra money by selling your old books. 

Open a Bank Account  

You might not know that banks also offer special accounts to students. Student bank accounts typically don’t have a monthly charge and many don’t charge you for withdrawing money either. The big banks like to look after students, as they see them as being among their most valuable clients of the future, so you might also get a free gift or discount vouchers when you open an account.

Take advantage of the best student discounts like these to make your studies a little bit more affordable and enjoyable.