6 Cheap Spring Break Ideas

College Spring Break Ideas


Depending on where you go to school, spring break may feel like a long ways away, but considering we’re just weeks away from March, the countdown begins now.  The 9-day break from school is considered a college prime time as it symbolizes all that college breaks are about: relaxation before the real world.  However, what we often forget to remember is how pricey these breaks can get—trips to Florida, Cancun and elsewhere can really throw off your finances.

Looking to have a great time this spring break for an affordable price? Consider these options:

1. EF College Break – If you’re looking for the best college discounts to travel, look no further. EF College Break offers incredible deals for you to travel abroad—from Ireland and Britain to France and Italy, this site can hook you up for the time of your life at prices that you’ll applaud.

2. Road Trip – With gas prices falling, they can be a lot more cost effective than hefty plane tickets during spring break.  Airlines love price discrimination since they know everyone is planning to fly in March and April for spring break, look into small vacations within 100 miles of campus with a group of friends.  Splitting gas and travel costs with a group of friends can be a much more effective than dropping $400 on airfare!

3. Camping trips – Get local and drive to your nearest camp site with some friends.  Pitch a tent that plays the role of your hotel, bring your own picnic food as your continental breakfast and be a boy/girl scout all over again.  You’ll appreciate the outdoors, have a great time and save some cash this spring break.

4. Alternative spring break trip – An inexpensive yet productive way to enjoy spring break is through alternative spring break programs that many colleges offer.  Alternative spring breaks are mission trips that put you in a variety of domestic cities like New Orleans or take you across the country to places like New Delhi.  Take enjoyment in doing good, productive community work during the day, and have the freedom to enjoy the town at night with a new group of friends from around the country! Cross Cultural Solutions is a great place to look into these opportunities if you’re interested.

5. Vegas – Who would’ve thought Vegas could be a cheap spring break destination?  If you’re of age, you can often times enjoy free drinks while playing (cheap) slot machines at the casino—some even offer a free playing cash when you sign up for a membership card.  Head to the cheaper hot spots, and go for the ambiance and environment.  Vegas has so many hotels and motels, you will be able to find one in your price range.  Moreover, stopping by scenes from famous movies and TV shows (like Pawn Stars) can be half the fun of Vegas.

6. Discover your city – If you’re going to school in a major city, take a spring break vacation really discovering your adopted hometown.  Check out the surrounding city, the suburbs and the town outside of your college life to see what makes the city go.  Where’s the #1 dining spot?  #1 attraction destination? #1 best kept secret?  Try to hit all of them.  If you’re going to school in an exclusive college town, check out the next biggest city and make a mini trip out of it.  It’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with that makes spring break special, so make the best of your time with the people you’re with!