6 Study Tips for Finals

6 Study Tips for Finals

With finals just around the corner, it’s likely been six months since your last set. Perhaps you get rusty, forgetful, or just lazy in terms of studying for the big week. To better get into the swing of finals things, remember these six tips to best prepare for finals:

  1. Meet with Groups

Getting together in groups can have its benefits. If each group member is dedicated to putting time in, dividing and conquering can efficiently disperse information and class notes. Breaking up assignments, reviewing materials, and sharing ideas is both a real-world type of practice and an effective way for you to better consume information preceding finals.

2. Organize Your Materials a Week Before

Before you even prepare to actually start studying, bookmarking important websites, documents, and page numbers can be an efficient way to prepare before you really begin. Too many hours are spent organizing notes and looking for various items, so if you can get that part done well in advance, you’ll notice your studying will be much more sequential and smooth flowing.

3. Make Study Guides Ahead of Time

Completing study guides and chapter reviews is a great way to study; however, if possible, try to complete the study guide and material before you actually “study.”  Some students think making the study guide is their way of studying, but actually using it, reviewing it repetitively, and consuming and reading the information is the other important half of actually doing study guides. Getting started on them early will be best for everyone!

4. Balance Your Sleep Schedule

The most underrated aspect of studying for finals is balancing your sleep cycle. Ensuring you get somewhere in the neighborhood of eight hours of sleep for your finals is ideal for jump-starting your morning of studies and helping you retain your hours of studying. If you’re considering cramming, throw out the Red Bull and jump in bed. Maintaining a healthy diet is also crucial as you prepare for the big week, and time management is key!

5. Turn the TV Off, Shut the Phone Off and Close Your Computer

Dare yourself to drop the electronics. Go a day, or at least consecutive hours, with no television, cell phone, internet, or other electronics to maintain focus. According to AllFacebook.com, the average Facebook user spends roughly 6.75 hours on Facebook per month. Imagine what you could do with that additional 7 hours a month? One thing would definitely be many more hours of studying for finals. For some, a day without Facebook is like a day without food, but do your best to fend off the e-temptations and hit the library, cell-phoneless, and get things done.

6. Meet/Email with Professors

Consulting with professors leading up to finals can be imperative to understand the course’s content. Most professors are very responsive in email and can respond to your questions promptly, so if you have questions, comments, or concerns, maintain an open dialogue with your professors.