7 Free Apps To Simplify College Life

College life involves a huge amount of responsibility. You now have to depend on yourself to stay on track and manage time and money effectively. Luckily, we’re living in an age where you can access almost anything, anywhere. If you invest a few minutes now to download some helpful apps and organize yourself, your sanity will thank you later.

Here are a 7 of our favorite apps to help simplify your life in college:


Brainscape  |  SiteiOS App

You’ll need to do a lot of studying in college and a good amount of that studying will likely involve committing information to memory. Create digital flashcards with Brainscape to help you with that! Becuase it’s an app, you’ll be able to keep your flashcards with you wherever you are. Kill time on long bus rides or while you’re waiting for your friends by making good use of it and boosting your productivity!


Todoist  |  SiteiOS AppAndroid App

So much going on at school! If you don’t already have an established way to keep track of all of the things you need to do, consider Todoist. It has a simple interface and will allow you to quickly log whatever task needs doing at a later time. This way, when you’re trying to figure out whether you forgot to complete anything before the start of a new week, you’ll have a single place to reference and keep yourself on track.


MyScript Smartnote  |  SiteiOS App – Android App

Some people are better note takers when they write, rather than when they type. If this sounds like you, it may be a good idea to download an iPad app for that exact purpose. You’ll get all of the benefits of having digitized notes, along with a note-taking style that feels more natural to you.


Evernote  |  SiteiOS AppAndroid App

Even if you prefer taking notes by hand, don’t disregard Evernote. If you ever need to keep a lot of information on hand, and would like for that information to be easily searchable, look no further. You can keep various people’s contact info, your schedule, copy/pasted tidbits from your online research, even photos of the handwritten notes you took, all in one central location that has been made easily accessible from almost anywhere.


Chegg  |  Site – iOS AppAndroid App

Taking a lot of Gen Ed requirements this semester? Why permanently store and spend hundreds on textbooks that don’t relate to your major, when you can rent those same textbooks for a fraction of the price? You can then put that extra money toward better athletic gear or more fun activities around campus! Already bought your textbooks?  You can sell them back to Chegg at the end of the semester and get some of that money back.


Venmo  |  SiteiOS AppAndroid App

Chances are, as you continue to spend time with your friends, there will be times when you have to spot one another. Because college students are on a tight budget, it’s important to be able to pay back and be paid back in these situations. Venmo is a pretty widely-used app just for this purpose. Because it’s so popular, it’s one of the more reliable digital methods of exchanging money. Plus, at the end of a semester, you’ll be able to look back on your transactions and see where that money went… something that isn’t as easy to do with cash.


Mint  |  SiteiOS AppAndroid App

So, you and your friends are all set, making sure nobody owes each other money. Now it’s time to track your overall budget. Mint is a great service that you can connect to your bank accounts to keep track of where your funds go every month. Though you likely already have a pretty good idea of your overall spending picture, with Mint, you may start to pick up on some patterns that had previously gone unnoticed.



Protect your sanity and stay organized with free apps for college students!