7 Ways to Combat Homesickness

There have been plenty of studies that show that homesickness is common among freshmen. More than 58% of students in the United States feel moderately homesick after spending a few months away from home, while around 33% feel highly homesick during their first school year. We’ve got some advice on how to overcome homesickness and cope with the loneliness you can feel at college, but first – remember to keep your head up and heart strong no matter what happens!

Get out of your room

The first step you must take is leaving your room and searching for new experiences. You have completely changed your environment, so feelings of loneliness are normal to pop up. Even when you pursue your daily activities, try to do it outside – read your book in a public place or study at the university’s library. There’s a higher chance you’ll meet cool people this way!

Learn something new

Ever wanted to learn how to row, play basketball, or become a chess expert? College is very good at helping you transition from one environment to another – so make sure you take advantage of the opportunities you’re offered. Pursue the activities that you like, and you’ll soon meet more people than you could’ve imagined!

Create a new comfort zone

Everyone has their own personalized comfort zone. Whether it’s your bed, desk, garage, or park bench, there’s always that one place where you feel utterly safe. Here, you can unwind and be yourself, regardless of what others think. Finding that comfort zone in college is a necessity! So go out and find one today if you don’t have one yet.


Even though you’ve moved out of the city, be sure you make time for old friends and family. Keeping in contact with them is crucial, especially when you miss them. If you can visit them, that’s even better. Remember though – if your hometown is located close to the school, you’ll be tempted to visit them too often. Try to designate only one weekend per month for this activity just to make sure you still integrate on campus and make new friends.

Go to a party!

Parties are a part of the true college experience. Just remember to be safe while also having a good time. Try to go with some friends from class or who live in the same residence hall as you. There is always safety in numbers and it will also help you expand your social circle.

Get involved on campus

Joining or opening a new club is an excellent activity to pursue in college. People with common interests should meet up and become friends, shouldn’t they?

Study hard

When you are part of numerous clubs and party endlessly, school grades tend to get shaky. Make sure you are always on top of your assignments. Attend office hours and go tutoring if you need to. Always reach out to your professors and be active in class! Staying focused on your studies leaves less time for your mind to wander 

Just always remember that homesickness is normal. Worries are normal. Parties are normal. Making new friends is normal. Just go with the flow, enjoy the process, and have some fun!

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