8 Steps To Getting on Track for Applying to Grad School

Jess the Graduate

Now is the time to prep yourself if you plan to go to Grad School in the fall!  Here’s a brief to-do list depending on your situation:

You’re in your final semester of undergrad:

1. Have you taken all the necessary tests? GMAT? GRE? Etc.? 

Of course, making certain to study and take the right test for your respective grad program will be key.

2. Have you used prep guides and services a la Kaplan, Princeton Review and such to improve your score? 

Many tutoring services offer trials and discounts, so if you’re looking for the best preparation methods, look into some of these services to improve on your score [most have a money back guarantee if you don’t improve, too].

3. Have you applied?  Had on campus interviews? 

Getting the ball rolling on these things is often the toughest part.  You may have to make some phone calls and stay up later than usual to properly apply with essays and a plethora of paperwork, so get started ASAP.  Checkout tips of the interviewing trade for a refresher on what to do and what not to do!

4. Do you have references and recommendations from former employers and/or teachers?

Make sure you have recs and references that know you and have seen what you’re made of; they’re the ones that will do the boasting about you if needed.

 5. Have you updated your formal resume to show?

This can be valuable for essays and to re-track your steps and accomplishments.  Keeping an up-to-date LinkedIn profile page can also help you stay on top of the marketability front when it comes to applying to school.

6. Did you write thank you notes to those schools?

Following up in the proper fashion is a must when it comes to on campus interviews, should you have one.  Short and sweet is the way to go.

7. Did you begin looking at the FAFSA? Scholarship?  Aid?

Grad school won’t be chump change, so getting all the financial resources to help pay for it will go a long way in limiting your debt after you graduate.

8. Have you considered how to finance grad school, or insure it?

Beyond scholarships, will you be working during the year?  Applying for jobs?  Planning to pay it off once you’re done?  And how will you protect your investment?  These are all key considerations when preparing for grad school.

Not going to grad school? Check out our Graduation Checklist for college seniors for the steps you should take.