Podcasts to Pass the Time

Picture this; you are walking around campus, either heading to the dining hall, class, the library, or back to your residence, and you have exhausted your playlists. You aren’t sure what you should do because listening to the same songs day after day can get boring, and you don’t want to spend the money to purchase new songs.

Have you considered listening to a podcast instead?

Podcasts are basically like TV shows, but on the radio and perfect for listening to while walking around campus. We are going to give you a list of a few favorites to give your ears something new to listen to when you need a break from the regular college stressors.


Rabbits is an amazing podcast. The product of Pacific Northwest Stories, Rabbits follows Carly Parker and her quest to find her missing friend. This podcast is described as Ready Player One, meets the hit TV show Lost. Rabbits is a centuries-old game played by people around the world, but often those who play it, have no idea that they are. By decoding inscriptions on bathroom stalls, to figuring out the identity of Hazel, this is a podcast you MUST listen to. Think of it like Geocaching around your college campus, but with your ears.

If you’re interested in Rabbits you should also check out TANIS.

Philosophize This!

This is a great podcast for critical thinkers. It’s simple in the way that Stephen West just talks about the different philosophies of the great philosophers that came before us. He does a fantastic job of putting their thoughts and ideas into simple terms for anyone to understand. Especially if you are taking a philosophy class or if your English class focuses a lot of rhetoric, this is a podcast you want to subscribe to.

The No Sleep Podcast

This is another favorite (and not for the faint of heart). If you are interested in horror fiction, this is the podcast for you. The No Sleep Podcast originally developed as dramatic readings of the Reddit No Sleep Forum that has taken off to be a full-fledged multi-season podcast. This is a good one for when the fall season rolls around and Halloween approaches. Walking around campus and listening to this podcast might make you a little jumpy, but it is ever so entertaining for the ears if you are a fan of scary stories. This podcast does live tours! If you fall in love with the podcast and want to see the cast in real life, check out their tour page to see if they will be in a city near you!

(Other podcasts like this one: Deadly Manners, Lake Clarity, Congeria, Darkest Night)

Of course, if you are interested in just mindless babbling there is the Rooster Teeth Podcast, The Basement Yard, and Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe which all discuss funny/engaging topics to keep you entertained.

Side note: Something great about podcasts are the discounts! Hosts need sponsors and their sponsors give discounts to their listeners. It is always good for college students who need to save a few bucks. One popular sponsor that is featured in The No Sleep Podcast is Talkspace.

Talkspace is an online forum where you are able to chat with a licensed therapist at any point in time. This is a great way for students to seek help for their mental health when the stresses of university life start to get the best of them. If you or someone you know could benefit from their services, visit their website for more information.

There is something for everyone to listen to and great perks to listening to podcasts. We recommend checking out some of these podcasts or browsing through the podcast app on your smartphone to see if anything catches your eye. You can listen to them for free and offline on Apple iPhone’s and are available within the Google Play Music store or SoundCloud. So next time you are walking to class, driving on your morning commute, or getting your gym on, try listening to a podcast instead. Your eyes (and ears) might be opened to a new world entirely. Make sure your electronics used to listen to your podcasts are protected from unforeseen events by GradGuard