A College Student’s Guide to Streaming Music

Music is a backdrop to a student’s everyday life from walking to class, to studying, or hanging out with friends. Having access to music on your phone always comes in handy. Streaming music is widespread and accessible with various platforms available to use. As a student, did you know you can stream music for as little as $5 a month with no ads? That’s often half the price of a regular subscription!

Here are some of the benefits of using these top music streaming platforms.

Apple Music

Student cost: $4.99/month after 3 month free trial

Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music has become a popular choice for listeners as it is widely compatible with Apple devices. It offers a wide selection of music and curated playlists.


Student cost: $4.99/month after 1 month trial or free with ads

Spotify is especially popular among college students for its student discount which also includes a Hulu and Showtime subscription. Spotify is especially adept at curating personalized playlists such as their Daily Drive playlist which combines news with music and their Discover Weekly playlist with music similar to your tastes.


Student Cost: $4.99/month or free with ads

SoundCloud is most well known as a platform for independent artists to post their music. Listeners have access to up and coming artists as well as popular tracks. The site is free but you have the option of purchasing SoundCloud Go+ to listen ad-free and offline.


Student Cost: $4.99/month or free with ads

Pandora offers music streaming with their radio stations based on your favorite artists and songs. They offer a premium subscription with offline, on-demand, and ad-free listening as well.

YouTube Music

Student Cost: $4.99/month after 1 month free trial or free with ads

YouTube Music heavily features music videos on their streaming platform. Their set up is similar to other streaming platforms. Your content is also linked to your general YouTube account.

Hopefully, this gave you a glimpse into a few of the top music streaming platforms! Check out some more of our blog posts for more tips tailored to college students.