Top 6 Apps for Studying On-the-Go in College


Let’s face it—if you are a college student, you are a busy college student.  Between campus activities, events, organizations, socializing, and classes, it can be tricky to fit proper studying time into your schedule.  In today’s world of laptops, smartphones, and tablets, we are always hearing that refrain: “there’s an app for that.”  And luckily, there is in fact an app for studying—countless actually.  There are a wide variety of study tools for college students that can help you study on-the-go.  Below are seven of the top study apps that can be immensely helpful to the busy college student.

1. The Free Dictionary
No matter what you’re studying for, the free dictionary app can probably help you out.  Whether you’re flipping through pages of old notes, or looking through your textbooks, if you come across a word whose definition you can’t remember, just go to the app.  You’ll get the word’s meaning, an example of its usage, and even a few synonyms.

2. Quizlet
A lot of students swear by using flashcards to study, but buying pack after pack of the easy-to-misplace cards isn’t always ideal.  With this app, you can create your own paper-free flashcards for a convenient and organized method of studying.  Make flashcards for the class of your choice, or use sets created by other users!

4. Instapaper
All too often, we find great articles online to help with homework or projects, only to lose the links or forget the URLs later on.  Well, never again!  This app allows you to download webpages when you’re around Wi-Fi or have 3G coverage, and then allows you to go back to them wherever and whenever you want.  You can save up to 500 webpages, and organize them into folders so that everything has a place.

5. Quiet Hours
Let’s be honest—it’s never easier to get distracted than when it’s time to study.  So if you anticipate straying from your study plan to check Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the like, this app is for you.  It essentially blocks out the apps of your choice for any period of time you specify.  It’s the ultimate way to keep you on track!

6. Multi-Lang Dictionary
Studying a foreign language?  If you come across a word or phrase that you don’t know, this app will help you out.  It translates and defines words from multiple different languages. No need to get lost in translation; get a translation app!

7. Wagmob
This app is available in different forms for a wide variety of subjects, from organic chemistry to English grammar. Study basic concepts, use flashcards, and get quizzed in the subject of your choice so you can stay on top of your academic game.

So make prepping for tests more convenient for you, and try out some of these apps for studying this fall! For more information about preparing for all the things college throws at you, visit GradGuard.