5 Awesome College Food Blogs


Sure, class and career planning can be pretty tough parts of college, but, for some, an equally tough task is cooking.  Ma and Pa are gone; no more home cooked meals, and dining out is a rare occasion. Well, fear no more! Just because you’re in college, doesn’t mean you have to have eat like college student! Check out some of the top college food blogs to help you jumpstart your 4+ year career (and beyond) in the kitchen!

Disclaimer: Before reading on, please make sure you have plenty of ingredients ready around your kitchen… after reading about all this food and checking out these sites’ visuals of warm, freshly cooked meals, your stomach will be begging you to get cooking!

Confessions of Two College Foodies
This is an online supermarket portal to hundreds of recipes and other food websites that will get you and your friends cooking.  The site is currently focusing on some holiday snacks, and is giving great tips on how to get the most out of your Thanksgiving leftovers.  Confessions makes posts several times a week and gives comprehensive instructions that will turn you into the Gordon Ramsey of your apartment!

2. The College Food Blog
The College Food Blog is an online resource that’s dedicated to looking out for your tastebuds, and it will succeed in making them happy if you try some of their recipes.  The site shares some of the most delectable recipes and images of fresh, homemade food for your viewing and cooking pleasure.  Every once in awhile, they even feature YouTube videos to help you make some quick and easy meals, like this week’s specialty, Chicken Fajitas! Adding the video element to recipes makes it even easier to cook up something tasty!

3. The College Culinarian
This blog offers a wide variety of meals for you to prepare that your roommate(s) will be grateful for.  From appetizers like Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip, to desserts like Red Velvet Batter Cheesecake, this guide will get you doing more homework in the kitchen than the library. After all, studying can be a much more pleasant experience if you smell something delicious cooking while you’re reading your notes!

4. Study Food
This food blog is run by a psychology major who will have you completely psyched to get to the oven to test her recipes.  “Taste and Creates” is a theme of the site where bloggers test each others’ recipes and report back by writing their own reviews.  Study Food hosts a diverse range of different foods to look through, take notes on, and get cooking!

5. A Vegan Student
Are you a non-meat-eater? This site offers an absolutely delicious menu of dishes for vegans to select from. But you don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy these great recipes! Check out the images on this site; they will induce instant hunger!  The vegan cookbook site recently launched recipes and tips for cooking Sweet Chili Lime Tofu and Pumpkin Casserole with Hasselback Potatoes and Green Beans. Mmmmm. . .

For more information about how to be fully prepared for college, visit GradGuard.