5 Best Dorm Decor Blogs


image via dorm design

How you decorate your space can say a lot about you. Redesigning your room can allow your personality and living space to line up. You’ll feel confident about your room, and feel more comfortable in it once you’ve completed the redesign. Unfortunately, college students don’t often have a very large space to work with. But even dorms can have great decor! Living in a dorm can actually be a great opportunity for you to decorate from scratch for the first time, if you haven’t before.  Now you can spruce up the place exactly how you want it, as opposed to your old bedroom at home that might still have the same wall color, curtains, and decorations you’ve had since you were eight. But sometimes, the idea of redesigning a room can seem a little daunting. Luckily, in this golden age of blogging, there’s no need to fear. Below are five great sites that offer inspiration, tips and tricks, and DIY projects to get your dorm decorating started off on the right track.

Note: If you’re putting money into decorating your dorm space as well as all the items you’ve got in there, you may want to consider renters insurance in case a situation arises where you may need to replace your belongings.

1. Dorm Design
This Tumblr blog is full of awesome photos of dorm rooms and apartments from colleges all over the country, and even some international schools too. If you think your dorm room is a wonder to behold, submit your picture to the blog for others to look at. Otherwise, you can pursue the site to find inspiration for your own room! After you redesign your room, go back to the site and determine if it’s post-worthy!

2. DormDwellings
This site often features spectacularly decorated dorm rooms from around the country. Look at the pictures and get ideas for your room! It also has some pretty great DIY projects, and tips for easier dorm living. The site will also let you know about products that are inexpensive and can help get you started on your new dorm room.

The blog over at the Home and Garden Television Network has a great section about decorating dorms and small spaces. HGTV is known for their amazing interior design secrets, so reading this blog will have your dorm looking fit and fabulous in no time! Plus, the network also features photos of some pretty crazily decorated dorm rooms and apartments that are fun to look through. The site gives practical advice about storage options and more too. It’s basically an all-around great site to check out.

4. Dormify
This is a blog that specializes in dorm room accessories, decorations, and necessities. While offering not-so-subtle hints to shop their products, the blog does have a lot of great posts. And these posts are not only about decor and DIY, but also about college and dorm living, recipes, health, and much more. It’s a one-stop college lifestyle site!

5. College Fashion
A subsection of a bigger brand, CollegeFashion.net has a great dorm category with posts showcasing expensive must-haves and more cost-friendly counterparts. They also have DIY projects, great products, ideas for decorations, giveaways, and tips for organization and healthy living.

So if your dorm room is looking a little drab, read up on some blogs, and start redecorating!