Dorm Decorating Ideas to Spice Up Your Dorm This Semester

Dorm Decorating Ideas

Let’s face it, sharing a small room can be a challenge, even if you adore your roommate. It is an adjustment going from your own familiar environment to sharing a tiny space with another person. Most dorms consist of two beds, two desks, two chairs, and minimal closet space. The walls are usually white and blank, and the dorm rules can be aggravating: usually you cannot paint the walls, make holes in the walls or ceiling, light candles or bring in your own furniture.

Luckily you don’t have to spend your college days living in a boring dorm. This semester, don’t limit yourself to the four bare walls. Spice your dorm room up! Whether you are a sports fanatic, a music lover, fashionista or all of the above, there are options for every student to add some flare to his or her dorm room.

Get Creative!

  1. Posters
    Hanging posters of your favorite artists is a great way to express yourself, but take it a step further! Take an old T-shirt of your favorite band or artist, cut the neckline and sleeves off and stretch it out over a canvas or poster board till it is fitted and tight. If there is extra fabric staple it to the back of the poster, so you can only see the image on the front.
  2. Photos and Images
    Photos are great! Whether you make a collage, or frame your images, it is nice decoration. But take this a step further as well, Urban Outfitters sells a “cable photo holder” you can attach your photos on the cable. You can hang images anywhere; above your bed, along the wall or on the ceiling. You can really get creative in displaying your images this way. If you want to take a different route, frame record covers, paintings or photography. Pinterest has tons of printables if you’re looking for cool patterns or cute sayings to frame.
  3. Wall warmth
    Tapestries are wonderful for sprucing up a blank wall. Unfortunately painting your dorm room walls is a no-no. A tapestry adds wonderful patterns and colors (just make sure it does not hang over a heater). If a tapestry is not an option, decals are also wonderful additions to a blank wall. Urban Outfitters has some unique wall decor as well.
  4. Lights
    Fluorescent lighting is harsh and can even make you sleepy. Add some ambiance to your room with a little mood lighting! Add some color with holiday lights or get a cheap mod floor lamp from Ikea to add some dimension to your room. Lighting from lamps or twinkly lights will add a warmth and coziness to your room that will make it easier to relax.
  5. Plants
    Simply adding flowers or plants can really brighten a room, especially in the colder months of the year. Bring a slice of spring to your dorm and think about all the healthy oxygen they give off! Consider the light requirements for your plant – if your dorm is on the dark side, philodendrons are indestructible low-light plants. If you have tons of light, a hanging spider plant looks amazing!
  6. Extra Seating
    You may not have any extra room to spare, but if you do, consider a cheap chair that you can easily fold up and store away when needed. The color will brighten up the room and provide a place for friends to sit when they come to visit. Extra seating in your room will provide a cozy study space that’s more comfortable than your desk chair and less sleep-inducing than your bed!
  7. White Board
    Having a white board to write down thoughts, to-do’s, or to leave your roommate a note is not only productive but creates a fun environment for the two of you. Don’t forget to grab a pack of colored dry-erase markers – you’ll be drawing masterpieces in no time!
  8. Rugs
    Most floors of dorm rooms are uncomfortable. Get a rug to add comfort. Rugs do not have to be boring – rugs come in all different colors, textures, shapes and sizes! Consider one of the faux fur ones for a hip, cozy look.

Before putting your time and money into spicing your dorm up, make sure to ask your resident advisor about any regulations. Each school has different rules which are put in place to ensure your safety and protect the building and other people around you.

Also, respect your roommate by running your decorations and alterations by them to ensure a positive roommate relationship!