Dorm Shopping Guide

For those of you entering into your first year of college, this is an exciting and scary time. It’s also a time for preparation. There’s so much to be done before move-in day; it can be overwhelming! Shopping for things for your dorm is an added stress and leads you to wonder what exactly you need. Here’s a list of useful items that will help you live a comfortable life in your dorm!

Lights: While your room will come with a big overhead light, it’s often harsh and can make your room feel like an office. It’s a good idea to have at least a small light near your bed so if your roommate is sleeping, you can stay up working without disturbing them. Other than that, a lamp or some string lights will make your room more homey and inviting.

Rug: A nice rug will also serve to make a more inviting atmosphere. The cold, linoleum floors that most dorms have are not what you want to walk on every day.

Vacuum: Many dorms don’t have air conditioning, so open windows are common for the beginning and end of the year. However, with open windows comes dust, and lots of it. Vacuums are necessary for this, and for any dirt or particles that came off your shoes or clothes. Nothing’s worse than a floor that you try to avoid walking on barefoot.

Comfy Chair: Especially if you’re someone who hates other people sitting on their bed, a comfortable chair like a fold-up butterfly chair is a great addition to a dorm room. It’s cheap, doesn’t take up much space, and will be inviting when you want people to come into your dorm.

Fans: If you are living in a building with no air conditioning, this is a must. I recommend one box fan for the window and at least one other smaller fan for your desk or night table. In late August, you’ll want air all the time.

Decorations: You’re living in the room for a whole year, so do your best to make it your own! Having pictures of friends and family will help ease the transition by offering familiarity in a new place. Fairy lights, bulletin boards, posters, and decorative pillows are some of the ways many freshmen choose to decorate. Having a clean, comfortable room that you like being in will make your freshman experience even better!

A very important purchase, however, is renters insurance. Renters insurance will cover your personal property in your dorm room such as electronics and clothes. In the case of unavoidable circumstances, such as theft, fire, or heavy storms that can damage your things, renters insurance is very important to have.

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