Everything You Need to Pack for College

Everything You Need to Pack for College

Packing for college can be daunting and overwhelming – how is everything you need for college going to fit in your half of the dorm room!? Luckily there is plenty out there to help you figure what you need and what you don’t, and just how to pack it all into your room. From bedding, to electronics to food, these resources round up the best of what’s out there to help you pack and pack well.

These lists cover everything you need (and some you don’t!) for college life:

While you’re packing, don’t forget to think about how you and your family can protect your belongings while you’re away at school. Back to school shopping can add up – according to the Nation Retail Federation/BIGinsight survey Back to School, Back to College, the average spending on “back to college” shopping was $907.22 per student. Can you afford to replace all those things if they are lost? Make sure you’re covered under your parents’ homeowners insurance, or you may want to consider renters insurance.


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