Finding That Drive to go to the Gym

Another week passes by and you didn’t go to the gym once. Maybe you are starting to reconsider paying $20/month to feel guilty every time you sleep in. Most of us want to go to the gym. But we also want to avoid academic probation. And watch New Girl. And sleep for more than four hours. Actually getting yourself to the gym as a college student can feel impossible at times, but these tips will make it easier.

Find a Gym Buddy

Having someone to go to the gym with is crucial. Knowing that someone is expecting you to meet them at the gym at 5:00 am might be just the push you need to get out of bed. Odds are they need that push too. Having a gym buddy creates a symbiotic relationship where you and your workout partner can motivate each other to “get jacked” (or do yoga).

Put it in Your Calendar

Saying “I’ll go when I have time” is not an effective strategy for making it to the gym. You’re a college student; you never have time! Plan a time, put it in your calendar, and stick to it. If you don’t know what time of the day you are going to the gym then you will never go.

Note: Most gyms are going to be crowded early in the morning and later at night. If working out in a full gym bothers you then try to go between 11a-4p.

Create a Workout Schedule

Don’t overcomplicate this part. Maybe you know you want to do cardio on Monday and Wednesday and weights on Tuesday and Thursday. Your workout schedule does not need to be overly specific, but it does need to exist. One of the main reasons we don’t go to the gym is because we have no idea what we are going to do when we get there. If you have no idea how to create a workout schedule, Google it. Thousands of workout programs are available for free online, so find one that will work for you.

Find Something to Listen to

Whether it’s tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks, having something to entertain you while you are at the gym will help motivate you a little more. Try finding a podcast or audiobook you enjoy and then commit to only listening to it at the gym; that way you will feel more inclined to go and have something specifically set for when you are there.

Though getting that gym motivation isn’t always the easiest, it is a great stress reliever for college students. With these wellness tips from GradGuard, you will be on your way to a healthier, less-stressed you!